Favoriting Tidal Playlist Tracks in Roon

I have many playlists in Tidal that are now accessible in Roon. I add tracks to my library and the heart outline turns from feint to solid outline. But I cannot click on the heart to fill it in. It does not seem like I can favorite a Tidal track in Roon even AFTER i have added it to my Roon Library.

Am I misunderstanding how it works or is it not working right?


I’d like to do better here in the future, but this is a more complex question than it seems.

In Roon, a track (or album) can be in your library, or it can just be playing from TIDAL. Favorites are a subset of your library, meaning tracks that are not in your library can’t be marked as favorites.

If you create a playlist in Roon, it can include tracks from your library, or tracks from TIDAL – you’ll only be able to favorite the tracks that are in your library. This is going to be determined by how you added them to the playlist.

Say you browsed to a non-library TIDAL album and added a track to a playlist, and then subsequently added that album to your library. If you browse to the album that’s now in your library you’ll be able to favorite anything you want, but the track you added to the playlist isn’t going to get converted – it still references the non-library track you originally added.

Playlists from TIDAL are by definition made up of non-library tracks, since they’re not created in Roon. As such, none of the tracks in those playlists are going to be “favoritable”.

It’s an annoying problem, and like I said, we’d like to do better here in the future.

I think I follow, and appreciate your explanation. A question and a suggestion:

  • If I am on one of my Tidal playlists even though it starts as non-Library tracks, I can select Add To Library. Are you saying even after that it is not favoritable? Has it really been Added to the Library?

If that is the case, then I recommend you not turn the heart to a dark outline. The dark outline to me indicates it is favoritable.

One more question. If I favorite in Tidal with heart, then it shows up in Roon, but it is still not a favorite in Roon, is that correct?


It’s been added to the library, but the playlist is unchanged – we don’t retroactively update the songs in your playlists if you subsequently add them to your library.

In TIDAL’s apps, you can star a song or album, which adds it to your TIDAL library and your Roon library.

Got it. Then I think you should not make the heart a dark outline on that track in the playlist (unless you intend that to mean something?)

But it is not a favorite in Roon, just included, right. Is it a two way street - if you add a Tidal record in Roon library, is it added to your Tidal My Music collection in Tidal?


This is what I see in a playlist, for songs in my library vs songs that are not in my library – is that what you mean:

[quote="RobOK, post:5, topic:28796"] But it is not a favorite in Roon, just included, right. [/quote]


Yup. Also, if you delete it from your Roon library, it will be unstarred in TIDAL.

Yes, but because I am in the playlist looking at the non-library version, clicking the heart does nothing. Since I am looking at the non-library version, it should not be showing the heart but it does. Right?

Hi. I am having a problem of selecting Favorites as well. This is true, if you favorite an album after adding it to the library in Roon, then it appears in Tidal app in My Music/Albums. However it does not work with tracks. I would like to favorite tracks with Roon, so they appear in My Music/Tracks in Tidal app, but can’t figure that out… Am I missing something? Since it might be a deal breaker unfortunately. Please help.


I’m having the same issue. Marking Albums as Favorites in Roon make them appear as Favorites in Tidal, but it doesn’t happen if I do the same with tracks.

Deal breaker for me also. I need to be able to favourite tracks from Tidal within Roon and see them as favourites in the Tidal app on my iPhone.


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Just to be clear:

What TIDAL calls “My Collection” in their app (or “My Music” on the web) corresponds to your Roon library. If you add something to either, it will be a two-way sync.

If you see something you want in your TIDAL library, select “Add To Library” in Roon and that will sync back to TIDAL.

There’s a completely separate feature in Roon called Favorites, which is just your Favorite tracks/albums/etc from within your library.

Hope that helps!

Hi! Unfortunately it’s not true. First of all you can’t favorite playlist, and if you play a track from any playlist, there is no way to Mark a track as favorite. Yes, you can find a track in the album, add this album to your media, and only then favorite the track…

So annoying…

You can star a playlist in Tidal and it shows up (Read Only) in Roon.

I think @Philip_Yalovega is saying you can’t favorite a track only in Roon without first adding the Album to your library. This gets along the theme of many of us are song/playlist oriented, not ablum oriented. There are other threads on that topic.


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Yes, to you can star the playlist in Tidal, but not the way around - it’s impossible to star playlist in Roon…
And yes, to star a track from any playlist is a nightmare

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Any update on the above? @support

Any update on this @mike ? I suppose I can take a couple hours or so to go through my hundreds of favorites in TIDAL and favorite all the tracks manually in Roon but would rather not if a fix is in the works.

Edit: Never mind, I just saw one of your posts in another similar thread regarding this:

That seems a much faster way to accomplish than the way I was going to attempt it lol.