Favourite Mashups

They sound good but is it Art ?
Who cares, let’s dance !

One of the first and still one of the best, Soundhog “Whole Lotta Helter Skelter”

Puddles Pity Party “Pinball Prison Blues” (Thankyou @scolley)

Wow. Love to “whole lot of helter skelter”! Going to have to look for that in a way I can get it thru Roon. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Yeah, Puddles is a pretty cool find, huh? It’s really performance art. He’s in the states, and I’d LOVE to be able to get to one of his shows. He’s got such a killer voice, and is funny.

One thing I saw today was no surprise…

Here in the States (as I’m sure you know), most of our sporting events start with the national anthem (do they do that everywhere?), and the repeated crime is watching the vocal artist du jour just destroy it in the process of putting their personal touch on it. About the only artist I’ve seen doing a good job of putting their own stamp on it was Lady Gaga. But she is a true talent (not my cup of tea, but talented), so no surprise. But no one sings it straight. Like it was written.

Well, no surprise, to a large extent, apparently Puddles DOES. I saw this today, and he kills it. You can skip to the 6 minute mark if you want to cut straight to the music, and skip the stage show.

Glad you enjoyed it. He’s quite a find, huh? :slight_smile:



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A whole bunch of good stuff here, though I haven’t listened to the most recent stuff. Here’s a really good older track, Illiterate City, a Jackson 5/Guns n’ Roses mashup:

Apologies to anyone for whom this is blasphemy, but a lot of it just works. The Beatles v. Beastie Boys. There are 3 albums out there that I know of.

This showed up in my RSS reader a couple of hours ago. Coincidence?

2many Djs are a master of this art. Hard 2 find though (though it does seem to be on youtube). I have 9 cds that they did, but you can only really find 1 and 2 these days