Favouriting of non-library tracks is clunky? (iOS app)

Just playing with Roon Radio, couple of observations when trying to favourite new tracks from Tidal that are not in my library:

  1. In the queue an outline of a heart icon is shown. Naturally I tapped it to favourite a track, since if the icon is there, it would be intuitive for it to be actionable. No response to the tap.
  2. So I figure that I need to add the track to my library first, which I do, but the heart icon is not immediately changed to active status.

Shouldn’t the heart icon become active the moment the track is added to the library?

And could the inactive version of the heart icon be made more obvious that it’s inactive, eg by not being there if tapping it can’t do anything?

I think the heart of the issue here (sorry) is that the heart icon has a different meaning in the Roon app from that in the Tidal or Qobuz apps. Add to that the fact that the heart icon really should not be displayed in the Roon iOS or Android apps when playing a streamed track that is not currently in the library and we have a recipe for confusion.

  1. In the Tidal or Qobuz apps, favouriting a track/album using the heart icon will add the track/album to the Roon library.
  2. The heart icon in Roon is used to indicate a “favourite” track/album in the Roon Library. It can also be tapped again to produce the “ban” icon - to prevent the track/album from being played by Roon Radio.
  3. In the PC/Mac (or, I think, the iPad) versions of Roon, the heart icon does not appear on the “Now Playing” screen if a streamed track/album that is not currently in the Roon Library is being played.
  4. In the iOS and Android versions of Roon, the heart icon is always present, irrespective of whether a track/album is in the library or not.

@support - am I correct in presuming that the different UIs are giving rise to confusion here? If so, perhaps it can be addressed in a future release? Thanks.

Thanks @Geoff_Coupe for your thoughts on this. Right now I’m only accessing Tidal via the Roon app on an extended trial. I can imagine the potential for between-app inconsistency, and here we also have within-app inconsistency in terms of how the heart icon behaves vs queue entry types depending on library status, and then the heart icon does not immediately inherit library status (ie becomes active) when the track is added to the library from within the queue.

Hopefully something that can be fixed, as the ability to favourite new music directly from the queue screen (without having to re-cue it) seems a natural feature to have. Would there be any downside to using the heart button to both like and add to the library in one tap?

The “Add to Library” function is already present in the Queue via the “3 dots” menu. You can also select multiple entries in the queue and use the “3 dots” menu that will appear at the top of the screen to add all items in one go.

Thanks, I was aware of the add to library via the “3 dots”, it was via this that I expected the heart icon to become active, as I would now be playing an in-library track. But if there is scope for tweaking the GUI, using the heart button both to like a track, and as required, add it to the library, all in one tap if it’s a non-library track, would be quite elegant.

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Totally agree - it’s unexpectedly clunky to favourite a track that isn’t currently in your library, with you instead needing to add it to your library, and then looking at the version in your library use the favourite button. Roon is smart enough to add tracks you favourite to your library, and to also allow you to favourite tracks that are in your library from the queue… fingers crossed for it as an option in a future update :slight_smile: