Favouriting unadded Tidal content

I’m eagerly awaiting the Radio 2.0 that has been getting referenced since I started with Roon at the end of last year. I use Radio extensively and would love if it better offered up new music via Tidal that isn’t already a part of my library…

To that point, better integration with Tidal has been progressive but it still isn’t seamless across the UI. I came from Aurender and must say that they surpassed Roon in that sole aspect. Literally regardless of where you were in their app, all Tidal content was equally accessible, represented, and actionable in the same manner as one’s locally stored content. No reason why it shouldn’t be!

Love Roon otherwise, keep up the good work folks!

I mainly use Album browser, so the distinction I’m used to is “Main Albums” comprising local abums and Tidal favourites (added to library), or “Main Albums T” comprising non-favourited Tidal Albums. Would you prefer to see all those merged ?

I think adding a Tidal album to the library has various consequences in the database at the moment but I’m not sure how significant they are.

Hi andybob. I think the distinction you make should definitely not be changed. I value the ability to see what I have in my Roon Library (as either locally stored content, or Tidal favourites added to my Roon Library) vs whatever else Tidal has to offer in their library. Aurender had similar functionality.

The UI behaviour I am referring to, which is about the only thing I miss with Aurender, is in regard to how clean and simple :black_heart: worked between the Aurender app overall & Tidal. From the Aurender app I simply could :black_heart: an item while browsing Tidal content that was not in my Library, and it would intuitively be added. There was no requirement to first “Add To Library” as there is with Roon…

“Add to Library” is an additional & redundant step. I know Roon has reasons for this, but I wish they’d find a workaround. It would be a more simple (aka: better) user experience to be able to simply click :black_heart: for Tidal content not in my Library, and for that content to be automatically added to my Roon Library.

There are also inconsistencies pertaining to this in Roon depending on how you are encountering Tidal content not in your Library… For example, if viewing a Tidal Playlist selected from the [User’s] Playlists menu in Roon, you will see a greyed-out :black_heart: icon next to each track not in your Library. In this case, “Add To Library” is not the visible path forward to :black_heart:ing the Tidal content not in your Library. The added steps to :black_heart:ing an item in this case are not intuitive and become a bit of a rabbit hole.

An added consideration when Radio 2.0 rolls out is that as Radio serves up Tidal content that I like which is not in my Library, I’m not able to simply :black_heart: it and have it automatically added to my Library. The “Add To Library” step becomes all the more apparent and redundant in my mind.

I hope that makes sense…?


Does not add to library work just the same as favoriting? It does for me it is not an additional step just and alternative name for the same thing, for me at least which makes more sense when browsing Tidal in Roon. Or am I missing something?

Add to library in Roon makes it favourited in Tidal. I understand @Desmond_Biss to be saying that he would prefer to be able to :heart: unadded Tidal tracks into Roon directly.

I think adding to library is useful, I don’t necessarily want all Tidal content to be favourited in Roon. But I can understand ‘one click’ favouriting. If the :heart: in Roon when applied to Tidal tracks both added to library and favourited, then might that suit all needs ?

Also I’ve extracted this discussion into its own Feature Request thread as there were multiple conversations in the parent thread.

Hi andybob, I think that would precisely suit all needs!

From the Roon interface it’d be great if :heart: could be used for ‘one click’ favouriting. Meaning that selecting :heart: in Roon would both “Add To Library” and favourite the item in Roon. This would remove a redundant step in instances where one is intendant on :heart:ing an item from Tidal anyway (that is not presently in their Roon library)… And to Philr’s point, the existing “Add to Library” functionality can remain as it is, for those who wish to add an item from Tidal into their Roon library, but not favourite the item in Roon. All use cases are easily met.

This would simplify the user experience; provided that Roon has the :heart: visible in any/all screens where Tidal content can be viewed. It would also remove those greyed-out :heart:s that don’t do anything… Lastly, it would make for the same experience vs using :heart: in Tidal directly, which is great for those transitioning from the Tidal interface to Roon.

I’d love to see this functionality. It’s been my only complaint with an otherwise perfect product!


I’m all for it. My streaming service is Qobuz, but I want this for Tidal as well. I just want to be able to, in Roon, “heart” an album and “heart” desired tracks from that same album and see those choices reflected in Qobuz, as it’s a Qobuz album, after all. And also see it in Roon. Seeing my carefully selected Qobuz track hearts as nothing but blanks in Roon Player is disheartening, no pun intended.