Feature idea - Rotate Last.fm artist images in Display view

Back when I used to use XMBC for my media management and playback I used a last.fm plugin that would rotate through artist images during playback. I think this is more interesting than a static screen. The sync’d lyrics is nice but this isnt available for most of my library. I know the varying artist image dimensions and quality is a concern.


Looks like they do make a lot of data available via their API but I’m not sure Roon could be licensed to use it. This text is on the introduction page for their API services:

  • Use common sense when deciding how many calls to make. For example, if you’re making a web application, try not to hit the API on page load. Your account may be suspended if your application is continuously making several calls per second. See our terms of service for more.

Then there is their API Terms Of Service which mentions among other things revenue sharing, the need to credit Last.fm and to link to their site and the need to observe the laws of every country the data is displayed in.