Feature request: Ability to Crop Tracks

There are some tracks that have noncontiguous or incongruent intros or endings. It would be nice if Roon were to offer a way to crop tracks to make for a better streaming playlist.

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That would be handy where I have recorded cassette radio plays and let the tape over run a bit :joy:

I wonder how Roon would be able to accomplish this request.

First of all, content streamed by a streaming service (Qobuz/Tidal) is unknown by Roon on music content level.
Once playing it is the streaming service determining the beginning and end of each track.
In your own local stored music , you can edit each and every track to your personal wishes. Plenty of programs capable of doing, i.e. Audacity,…, much better than Roon would ever be capable of.

Difficult for me to see what value Roon can bring in this.

Not really Roon’s balliwick. Doesn’t hurt to ask, I guess.

I certainly don’t know the technical details of how Roon streams from providers like Tidal, but I would figure each track has to have a unique ID. To crop the beginning, Roon could skip n seconds when that ID plays. Or skip to next track (tack length - n seconds) to crop the end.

While streaming hifi tracks?

No, I edited my reply accordingly. Guess you didn’t see it.

Btw - I would love it if Roon could get rid of the endless clapping at the end of a live track.

For streaming, Roon just doesn’t have all the pertinent info. It can’t even display an accurate scrub bar.

Yeah, cropping out the clapping is a good example for the need of this feature.

As for Roon not knowing what it’s streaming, I just can’t see that. At the very minimum, each track has a URL. There may be metadata associated with the URI such as track ID. In any case, Roon can identify the track and keep your crop data associated with each track.

I cannot see how this cannot be done. With software, ANYTHING can be done. It’s just a matter of priorities.

And how many times would Roon need to store the track id and other required information , counting 2 streaming services (for now), +100k users with each their own crop data, …

You can prove me wrong, but there is no track data on an individual basis in Roon.
One cannot even add a picture at tracklevel.
Roon database is not setup for something like this.


To answer to a customer feature request with „the database is not set up in that way“ is such a classic…

I can only second the request from the OP. It would be a great feature for me to program tracks to my liking.

And - as stated here before - for sure it can be done with reasonable effort. It most likely just won’t be implemented during my lifetime subscription though… :joy:

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It is much worse than - the database is not setup like that.

As in any software, choices are made at a certain moment in time, with the knowledge and means ( hardware & software development tools.
This means that any software had a limited lifetime (albeit a long one in some cas3s).

My personal opinion maybe feeling is the better word), Roon is getting old and tired.

I really hope that in the years to come, we will see a new Roon, not an updated/upgraded version , that will enable the development team to react on ALL feature requests in a much moreagile manner.

Hi, I woul be prepared to buy a new lifetime license.

But today, sorry their database setup is what it is.

I would think this would be an easy-to-implement feature. It exists in the Apple Music app (formerly iTunes), where you can specify a start and stop time for a given track. It works only for items that are in your local library and not for streaming via Apple Music. Roon could certainly do the same. Although I’m not sure why you couldn’t implement for a streaming track since it just going to set the starting time and stop time as if you would be using the playback scrubber.

This would definitely be a useful feature.

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And I second that, too.

I know product ownership, technical debt and the risk of refactoring. Been there, done that. PITA.

Therefore I will ride the „old software“ as long as it brings me pleasure, controlling my frustration about missing functionality/ features, just reporting (the few) bugs.

Still when a customer / user formulates a need / pain point I see opportunities to learn something about how and - more important - why and with what goal a system / software is used. And still struggle to accept that it won‘t be done.

Maybe I really should stop reading anything but my bug thread…

Not sure why you think there is no individual track data in the Roon database… Go to the Track Editor and you can change the name of a track, you can add credits to an individual track, you can make it a “pick”, you can “favorite” it, etc. So why could they add a start time and stop time like in iTunes?

Of course, you are 100% right.
But e.g. try to add lyrics to a ‘streaming’ track yourself.
In your local metadata, you can add (almost) whatever information that you want (which does not mean that Roon will pick it up.
In ‘streamed’ files, one cannot add anything, you only can modify the content of the fields presented by Roon.
Maybe I would have to explore much deeper, but I have yet to see any metadatafield for streamed files that is not offered and populated by the streaming service itself.

I do not want to ‘fight’ this request. But I do question the value of it.
How many tracks on a personal level we are discussing about? 10 - 100 - 1000 ?


It really would not be so hard to do. Foobar had this feature allready 15 years ago, it could automatically skip silence of each song that was played just by analyzing it on the go. Roon plays tidal tracks from a buffer, it’s not a real time data stream, there would be plenty of time to analyze the track and skip end silence of Tidal tracks as well. I think it is a very usefull feature, I used it all the time. Offcoarse, a user definable start/stop time would be much harder to implement.

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