Feature request: add "Clear Upcoming From Here" command

I would like an easy way to remove all tracks from some point in the queue to the end of the queue.

Basically, a command like “Clear Upcoming”, but with the ability to select which track to start the clearing.


When I click on a track in the queue, I see a menu with two commands: “Play From Here” and “Remove”. I suggest a new command be added to this menu: “Remove From Here” or maybe “Clear Upcoming From Here”.

When listening to multi-movement classical music work, I sometimes want to clear the queue, not from the next track, but rather from the end of the work.

Thank you.

Hi Michael,

If you right click (long press) the track you want to clear from here, you should see “1 selected” above left of the queue. If you select it, you are given a few options, one of which is Select from Here. Select it and then click the 3 dots icon and click Remove from Queue.

I think that may do what you want.

Cheers, Greg