Feature Request: Add discography to library with one click

I may be in a minority of one with this! I love the way 1.8 gives me an artist’s discography in my library and on my service, Qobuz. It would be nice to be able to add the entire Qobuz discography to my library with one click/tap, allowing me to sample the albums at my convenience, without going back to the artist several times and adding individual albums.
It’s just me, isn’t it? :grin:


Not exactly one click. But, select one album in discography then goto top left drop down and select all then three dot menu to add to library.


Certainly close to one click though - thanks Ged!

…ah, it only seems to work if I don’t already have one or more albums by the artist in my library. If I do, the ‘add to library’ button is greyed out.

I tried it on a random artist so not in my library.