Feature request - advance to next track within File Info modal

Currently, the user has to exit out of the File Info modal and select the next track. Many times I am interested in seeing the info of songs from an album. It would then be more convenient there was a Next type button in the File Info modal that would let me advance to the next track in the album. Or even, better, a View All file info for all the tracks in an album.

I had thought about this as well after painfully checking each File Info and Credits dialog for each track for certain albums as I was curious about DR values or checking for the source track of wrong composer credits.

This morning, I thought that an even better idea might be a “Show in Tracks View” button on an album page that would switch to Track view and set up the filters accordingly to show the tracks of the album. There in the table list, I could switch on the column for Composer or DR, or whatever I’m interested in, and have a good overview.

This could not only be done for an album, but also in other places: multiple selection of album tracks, (multiple) album selection, or (multiple) artist selection.

I would find this far more useful than previous/next buttons in the dialogs. Of course they could add these too, I didn’t mean to distract from your request … I just mentioned this here now because my original request was the same as yours. I think the Tracks view is really good for certain things, but I never use it as I’m too lazy to set it up for what I want to achieve.

Great idea! I am all for features that make it easier for users to navigate and review their libraries.