Feature Request -- album grouping enhancement

It seems that the order the albums are selected determines the order it then lists the tracks when you merge the albums. It would be great if:

  1. As you select multiple albums, it would show a small number (1,2,3, etc) representing the disc number that will be used for grouping.
  2. Before I commit to the merge, I would like to view and select the corresponding meta-data, and link the merged tracks to the album in one go, so that I know if I have all the tracks in hand, in the correct order (disc 1, disc 2, etc) before I go ahead with the grouping.

What I found was that if I did not group it correctly, I could not tell until afterwards that I had grouped it incorrectly. Then I had to backup the underlying files, remove them from Room, delete Room’s cached meta-data, then red-add the album to try again. This was especially painful with some of my larger multi-disc compilations.

Not a huge deal, and I gather Room is already working on enhancing the album grouping mechanism