Feature Request Arc : adding a 'play all' button to filtered tracks

The ARC app on my iPhone works fine with Roon 2.0. However, if I go to my library, select ‘Tracks’ and then filter for a Tag, the filter works, but I can’t find how to activate listening to the tracks.


Hi @Aldo_Borgna,

I think i understand what you mean, the only way i see how you can listen to a track is by clicking on it or push the “…” and add it to the queue. I don’t see an option to play all the tracks listed at once.

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Exactly, at this moment the possibility of filtering is of little use, it would be advisable for the Play button to be added (even random)


Unfortunately it’s not possible in Roon ARC yet. Maybe you could make a feature request.

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Yes. Please.
The search is useless if you cannot play all items found. Thanks.


Can we please get this feature? There is no point in having a track view if you can’t play them.


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