Feature request: burn CD's with Roon

Hey guys. Just making a request to be able to burn CD’s with Roon. Since playlists are available, it would be an essential feature.


Well, if you could 3D print LPs from Roon, THAT would be cool! :grin:


That would be a nice feature too! :sweat_smile:

I support that feature request :smile:

Agree with the request, however IMO not a pressing issue as easy to use and free softwares such as Foobar2000 do this very well. Also I think we (as in “I still sometimes need to burn CDs”) are a dwingling minority and burning CDs will soon be regarded as weird as someone asking to tape-record music for their Walkman (the one from the eightees), so the guys at Roon probably think better to put resources on other features of the software - which I perfectly understand.

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Why stop there? Let’s get SACD burning support so we can pipe through Roon then HQPlayer to burn DSD512 to disc. Now that would be cool for taking to a GTG.

Na, see a snag there with TIDAL content. TIDAL will never allow that.

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Seems it would be easy enough to determine if the files being burned are stored on a hard disc - and not from the Tidal streaming site??