Feature request: convolver for RoPieeXL


Currently I’m enjoying a setup with Roon -> RoPiee -> ODAC. I have created some convolution filters for my headphones and configured them in Roon.

It would be nice though, if these filters were also applied when listen to Spotify on RoPieeXL. Is it possible to add a convolution engine to RoPieeXL that does this? (I don’t really know any of these, but some examples are: PulseEffects, BruteFIR, JConvolver)


Convolution is generally a fairly CPU-intensive operation. Not likely something that would work well on an RPi…

I recently tried using brutefir on an RPi4 endpoint. The RPi4 had no trouble keeping up. I used a 44.1 sample rate, 65536 length, separate mono files for left and right channels. Didn’t try 88.2 or 96. The sound improvement was remarkable. The RPi4 did not seem to break a sweat - fan did not turn on after several hours of constant use - in an Argon 2 case.

The separate left and right files were extracted directly from the stereo WAV file in use with Roon. If anything the endpoints running brutefir sounded better (less sibilance). Go figure.

It sure would be great to be able to apply convolution to both airplay and spotify. For that matter, being able to offload Roon convolution to individual endpoints might be useful in certain cases as well.

@spockfish, Is this a dead issue? Not at all complaining, as you provide an amazing solution to the Roon community. I am wrestling with how to best integrate Spotify (once they go lossless) into my system. Using the same convolution file in both Roon and Ropieee would be ideal. Again, thanks for all you do to make our musical lives that much more enjoyable.