Feature request: *easy* access to tracks "picks", please

now it’s:

  • three dots
  • pick “Edit”
  • change tab to “Edit track”
  • scroll… scroll… scroll…
  • and here we are :frowning:

oh and also… please a global “Disable Editorial Picks” setting :wink:
(never agree with those, sorry, and as per above… they’re a pain to change)

thanks :slight_smile:

Hey Paolo,

In the meantime, you know that you can edit multiple albums at once.

Cheers, Greg

thank you Greg, never tried: I will
though… it’s tracks’ picks I’m talking about as album ones are not many
(post title edited for clarity :wink: )

If I read your steps more carefully, I would have seen Edit Track. :nerd_face:

Anyway, looks like you can also edit multiple tracks at once as well.

Cheers, Greg

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I think this can be done in the Track browser: focus on the “Pick” tracks, select them and in the Track editor, turn off the “Pick” flag? I think there’s an upper limit on the number of tracks that can be selected simultaneously for editing. It seems to be 1,000.

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thanks Geoff but it’s too late for this: I can change pick from yes to no but can’t tell if it’s an editorial pick or my own :frowning:

Ah - oops - I can see that that might be an issue…