Feature Request for Roon ARC Android

Please implement a configuration option to “Disable Audio ducking”
Current behaviour. As expected Roon Arc lowers volume on incoming notification on Android
New behaviour: With the option enabled, RoonArc disables audio ducking and maintains contant volume when a notification sound is mixed in.

Audio Ducking is an Android feature I hate, turning off notifications etc is just a PITA.

Interesting idea, I’ll bring it to the team.

That’s weird, for me on my Samsung the volume is not lowered when a notification is received, but instead the playback is stopped completely for several very long seconds. I would much prefer it to just lower the volume for a bit like it does when I use Spotify for instance. Or like the suggestion just keep playing regularly.

Yes, it is the same on all my samsung devices. Playback stopped completely for the sound/notification, then it resumes.

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