Feature Request List ... The ability to

  1. The ability to Reboot/Power Off Roon Core from Roon Remote
  2. The ability to change background to user images [choose image as background]
  3. The ability to upsample with Sox[for example] in a Roon Bridge
  4. The ability to sort by “folder -or- directory” view
  5. The ability to connect to other music providers [not only TIDAL]
  6. The ability to stream from Cloud Drives example: Google Drive
  7. The ability to stream music via IceCast
  8. The ability to ‘tune’ operating systems to favor/give priority to Roon ‘core, bridge’ for example run under RT priority, map memory, cpu core affinity…these things can be built into the Roon start script.

Hi Edward,

I’ve moved your post to the Feature Request section of the forum.

It’s an interesting list of which some points already have topics that discuss them … worth a read if you have time. (1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 from memory.)