Feature Request - Multiple Album Collections

The beautiful thing about Tidal is the sheer volume of music we all have at our fingertips. However managing all that music can be a real bear and thats where Roon comes in. What I love about Roon is that it’s mission is to take what Tidal has done and make it infinitely better. In that spirit I’d love to see multiple album collections added. With only one bucket for all your album favorites its easy for the number of favorites to quickly balloon well into the thousands. Granted you can drill down into sub genres but as I think we’ve all seen tagging isn’t perfect. What I’d love to see is a drag and drop album collection feature. With this feature a user would be able create as many smaller sub collections as they wanted. For example your top 100 albums currently in rotation, the albums your friend Bob recommend, great albums for your next party, the albums you’re considering purchasing, etc. etc. Playlists are great but you lose the “album” experience and instead end up with a mile long list of tracks. If this feature resonates with you please chime in!! :wink:

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I think Roon would prefer you use custom tags and bookmarks to achieve a similar end result.

The only issue is the smart grouping by artist after filtering by tag isn’t very smart and a little slow with larger lists.


Still not as user friendly as dragging an album thumbnail to a user created folder on the left nav menu. Please explain the bookmark feature I’ve never used it. Also please explain how you’d use custom tags and or bookmarks to achieve what I’m talking about. Not only the tagging/bookmarking part but the complete workflow, creating the tag/bookmark, applying it and then searching for it. Thanks!!

This is the place to start.


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Thank you!!