Feature Request: Random play within New Releases for You

I love the “new releases for you” segment on the overview screen and would really like to be able to opt into fast/easy random play of all items versus having to browse specific albums tracks and choosing what to play.

For instance, on the albums pane it would be nice to be able to choose either random play of individual tracks across all suggested albums, random play of full albums start to finish, and also random play within the singles pane with a simple click.

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Hi Rob,

Just for clarity: you can do this already, although not with a one click only. The way is:

  • go to new releases for you
  • optional pre-select genres
  • select one album and add more or select all in the upper left corner
  • hit play or add to queue in the upper left corner
  • go to queue and select shuffle mode


You can also add all of them to a playlist without having to add them to your library. I do this very often with tracks I like that come by while playing radio so I can have a look at it later.

I would like to see a feature like album based playlists so I can for instance store albums temporarely in a visual way to listen to later without having to add them to my collection. This helps in keeping things clean and keeping an overview.

(I know this can be done by bookmarking but the problem with bookmarming and tagging is that is is used for many things and is only presented to you in a dropdown list)