Feature Request: Soft shutdown on Touchscreen settings page


Apologies if this has been requested before!

Would it be possible to add a button on the Touchscreen setting screen to do a soft shutdown?

I have a Pi/Touchscreen that I use for a control point only (display/IR remote - no audio) that I move around the room or into another room. Every time I want to do this I have to find my phone, navigate to the webpage, navigate to the Advanced tab and hit Shutdown. It would be great if I could just tap the screen to show the settings and hit shut down :smiley:

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As ropieee runs in ram pulling the power is not normally an issue - at least that’s what I recall Harry saying some time ago

Was just about to post this information :+1: Unlikely pulling power will damage PI or MicroSD card, but there’s always a very small possibility…

If you do want to shutdown (or restart) easily and quickly, just call the associated URL – and then make a bookmark. There is no need to migrate to the web gui etc. For example, to restart:


Was thinking of doing something similar but using a Siri shortcut so I can just ask Siri to turn it off.

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I think maybe 0 or it will reboot… @spockfish Harry?

But http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/godown will work to shutdown

If you are uncertain, just look at the page source on the respective confirmation screens. But yes, with no argument, it will shut down.

And this might be all moot if you have enabled passwords for http access :blush: