Feature Request - Sort by Albums alphabetically

Apologies if I missed it, but this is a request to have a sort by album view in Roon.

In other words a manner to sort albums alphabetically. A-Z and however you manage those with special characters.


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Hey @bplexico, thanks for your feedback. We have got few requests regarding this feature, it’s on our list for a future release.

Pretty essential feature I would have thought. +1

I see, sort by Album Name as apposed to by Artist, yes that could be useful.

We are going to add it for the sake of completeness, but I totally don’t understand why anyone would want this unless their metadata has altered album names. Ugh. I’d much rather have sort by tag or sort by some other field and not mess up my album titles!

@danny Several of us have asked for this much earlier. (see Redmine 120.)

I agree it makes no sense without focus, but it makes a lot of sense when you are in a tight focus. and are therefore not overwhelmed with albums.

will be in the next build. i just got it in.

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Amazing! Thank you!

@danny - I am curious as to why this would mess up album titles?

Here is a use case - Mark Knopfler has an album called “Tracker”.

In Sort by Artist view you type “M” and click on Mark Knopfler and then select the album Tracker.

In Sort by Album view you type “T” and the click on Tracker.

I know both methods work and one could do search.

I also get a lot of people like to browse their collection by artist but it is a nice feature to have an alternate way to browse one’s collection, hence Sort by Album.

But what I am missing is how this messages up album titles?

oh i guess… but to get to tracker, i type “SLASH-tracker-ESC-ESC” which i can do much faster than changing the sort

try it out… our filter feature is ridiculously fast

I will give it a try, slash-tracker-esc-esc , who would have known?

@bplexico - hah!

settings -> keyboard shortcuts ->

/ bring up focus, like control/cmd-G, but it automatically puts your cursor in the filter box

the first esc is to leave the input, the second esc is to leave the focus dialog.

My god! This software is far, far deeper than I ever expected. Back to the woodshed for me…

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There are a multitude of reason for different sorting. People who view my CD collection think of me as AR, but they are all sorted by artist/performer. A group name by the first letter (excluding The), and individuals by their last name. Inside of those I arrange alphabetically by Album Title. I agree that release date makes more sense, but very difficult to read the fine print with my old eyes. That’s why both options are great.

Further challenges come with sorting Alan Parsons (Parsons, Alan) and The Alan Parson Project (Alan Parson Project). I’m also experiencing a few challenges like Will Ackerman and William Ackerman. I corrected the Will to William, now they all fall to (William Ackerman) instead of last name.