Feature request: Tidal-expand the “By This Artist” list

A couple of great things:

  • By This Artist list on the album page — it’s actually By These Artists because it includes all the Primary Artists. This list is great for what I call Serendipitous Discovery, finding new stuff to listen to without explicitly looking. Every music player can find something if you know what you are looking for, but Roon uniquely enables Serendipitous Discovery, which is what originally made me rediscover my library. This is actually the main reason for me to add Primary Artists, since they don’t influence the Album browser sort by artist, or the funnel filter. For genres like jazz where you gave very fluid groupings of artists, it shows lots of interesting links to follow

  • An Artist page that shows both Main Albums and Appearances — leads to similar exploring of relationships

  • And of course Credits with the full panoply of artists

We have three places where the information is expanded very usefully with Tidal stuff that I don’t have:

  • Artist page list of albums — this Is a great venue of exploration, especially for artists that I don’t know yet and am just discovering

  • Search results — this is great for investigating new recommendations, from friends or reviews or the Music section in these pages

  • Versions which shows Tidal versions of albums I have — cool in principle, but not very useful in practice since my version is always equal or better than the Tidal version (except if I want to explore MQA)

So the obvious request that would be more useful than any of these: expand the By These Artists list with Tidal content. This would drive Serendipitous Discovery of the whole world, not just my own library. And I think driving it with Primary Artists is just right: the full Credits list is often too big (all the members of the orchestra?).

Ok, we probably need to rethink the layout, the list is already too long. A tab, like Versions? A multi-column layout?

(I know there has been similar discussion about expanding Radio with Tidal content, that’s all good, even though I never use Radio myself (control freak). But this request is easier, doesn’t require clever relevance algorithms, self-limiting because Primary Artists is usually limited for space and reafibility reasons.)