Feature Request - Windows 10 Taskbar Popup Play/Pause on Hover

Hi There,

I am used to using this because all the competition has it, it’s very handy.

  • Quick prev, next, pause/play popup when hovering over Roon on taskbar.

Requesting that this be added :slight_smile:


+1 from me! I think the official name is a “Thumbnail Toolbar”, if we’re talking about the same thing: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/shell/taskbar-extensions#thumbnail-toolbars

For reference, this is TIDAL:

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Another +1 - pretty much every decent media app does this
This would be a valuable feature - if I’m listening to music and I need to pause to answer a call when the app is minimized, it’s about the quickest way to do so - keyboard shortcuts don’t seem to work when the app is minimized… Also a nit - when you launch Roon using a shortcut on the task bar a second icon appears on the task bar, I don’t see this with any other application I have.