Feature Request

Well, not exactly a feature - more like a behaviour request.

I have the display on my T2 set to off. When I use the physical remote control to adjust volume, skip a track or whatever, the display comes back on momentarily to reflect what I just did. I like this behaviour.

But if I do the same types of functions from my Roon control tablet there is no confirmation on the T2 display. I wish there was. Why, when I can obviously see on the tablet what I’ve just done, would I want the display to light up briefly? Because I use rooDial to adjust volume and skip tracks, preferring the simple intuitive physical interface over the tablet and the Lumin remote for the most basic things. And it would be nice to see at a glance what I’ve just set the volume level at.

Is this possible Peter, as a future firmware tweak?


This request is noted.

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