Feature Suggestion: The "Deep Cuts Dial"!

Hi folks

I was thinking how even more amazing the already amazing Roon Radio would’ve with a fun, interactive, and simple feature to tailor Roon Radio to your mood and taste.
Stay with me here.

There are times I want to hear just the hits, say during a party or when there’s a crowd listening. Other times, I’m in the mood for familiar songs but not astists most popular hits. Still other times, I want to discover tunes that perhaps I never got deep enough into the artists catalog to hear before. Say, when I’m listening privately. And of course, there are times I’m down to hear a combination of all three.

Now, if Roon Radio had a dial that allowed the user to choose how deep into the catalog, a Deep Cuts Dial, if you will, that can be tuned between one and ten settings, with one delivering just the hits and ten digging deep into less popular album cuts exclusively. And maybe a random setting button, to boot.

Any thoughts?

Maybe if enough people are interested, the good folks at Roon will grant us a Deep Cuts Dial…


Does Roon know which cuts were hits?

Rod Stewart will claim setting nr. 1

Roon knows which cuts were hits according to forced ranking data from streaming services, billboard, and other historical data. Roon already identifies the top tracks from each album in the current UI.

This has been suggested and discussed before. I agree a single setting, aka the default, relegates it to basic background, rather than a focused party machine or a focused Deep Dive.

However, the song which cues up Roon Radio impacts in the times I’ve tested it, the values returned. Queuing up Like a Virgin by Madonna returns 25 songs that were period top hits before venturing into secondary tracks. Queuing up Join me in LA by Warren Zevon results in much more Deep Cuts with the occasional hit every so often.

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