Feature that lists every new release, not just recommended releases

The vast majority of new releases recommended (out of the very very few) are mostly irrelevant to me :slight_smile: So yeah, for me, Valence does not do much.

To be honest, I would rather have every single new release added to NRFY and could then use the genre tabs to filter through them if interested in one specific genre.

Just my two pence.

Be careful what you wish for! IMO, this doesn’t look like much fun to sort through. :sweat_smile:

This is why NRFY exists, to help you sort through that noise and find new releases that you might like.

What you’re suggesting is an entirely new/different feature – not a change that we would make to NRFY – so I’ve moved this post to #roon:feature-suggestions.

I do it anyways every Friday through native Qobuz and Tidal apps anyways :slight_smile:

Two active services, loads of new releases and I only get this? How can this be explained?

October 8: albums 4, singles 2
October 5: albums 1, singles 1

What’s funny is that neither of these services show you every new release! They’re showing you recommendations just like Roon.

Like I mentioned earlier, we’re still rolling out improvements to NRFY that you can expect in the coming weeks. I want to make sure we’re not conflating the quality of the recommended releases with the quantity though, so I’ve split out our posts to a feature suggestion for listing all new releases, not just recommended releases.

I’m with you on this one (not that it matters). I prefer my natural stupidity to any AI, any time of the day!

It can also be a compromise and have an additional “All Releases” tab in NRFY. But it won’t be giving we are talking roon here…

Looks like the new releases for you is again broken…nothing after 8th october for me.

It would indeed be good to simply show a tab of the latest releases from your streaming service on the home page.

same for me 8th October

Plus 1 for me. Show me them all and have some handy filters to make it work for the individual. NRFY fails all the time for me that I just ignore it. I just trawl the new releases on Qobuz but yes not all are even listed in that side of Qobuz as it’s still curated by them.

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The whole „personal recommendation“ approach in Roon needs a major improvement


Simon, vote on it. +1 won’t count :slight_smile:

Oh yes it does.

Silly example: I have several Adele albums in my library and Valence has yet to recommend her new single to me - Qobuz or Tidal.

+1 I would like to be able to see what’s new – all of it – as well as what the Roon Robot thinks I might like. There is value in each, presented separately.