Feature to locate other Qobuz versions of "Unavailable" tracks

Further to my post back in February attached below, I’m getting this such a lot now in playlists I have had and added to for years it would be really helpful if Roon might be able to:

  1. Put “Unavailable” tracks in a list somewhere as it finds them - maybe even a database integrity scan that discovers all tracks in playlists and the library that aren’t where Roon thinks they should be (the internal Qobuz ID has changed or the track has been moved by Qobuz without updating the proper ID tag - this is a different issue to being unavailable due to no longer being offered to stream obviously).
  2. Then we need to have a screen that lists the “Unavailable” tracks alongside other versions that are available (these can be found by searching the artist tracks or albums as I have discovered on most occasions, because Qobuz has just moved them without maintaining the previous ID tag). Then the user can tick the track required and Roon should update its own database so wherever that track is referenced the new linked ID tag is used.

Does that sound feasible? Because if Roon is to be our goto library then surely, as time goes on, there has to be a more dynamic interaction between Roon and the streaming services it offers to manage for us. This runs to updating live playlists without having to copy them to Roon and lose the live link forever - but that’s another story! :blush:


I’m bumping this one as it seems no one noticed it? I’ve just loaded a playlist I’ve run for about a year or so and it’s full of ‘unavailable’ tracks (not that I know until I try to play the track), and sure enough when I visit the album link a quick search through ‘versions’ soon locates the exact same album - of course I then have to update the playlist version with the found version (it is the same, identical, just presumably on a different ID number?). Surely Roon can help here?

Yeah, I posted about this a week or so ago. Seems like qobuz meta data is changing for whatever reason. Very annoying, my play lists have a bunch of broken tracks too.

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Yes I agree it really is silly when Roon software could easily locate the new ID and replace it? Or could it… maybe @support could provide some info?

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I also created a thread for this. Qobuz is really bad for this. Looked at my library cleanup this morning and 320 tracks are marked as deleted or removed from streaming it’s the latter as I don’t remove my own music.

Now most of these are likely a recatalogue so Roon looses one but the other version is available under versions. I found 4 this morning under one artist where I had to add a new version and remove the ones with unavailable. This was by chance so having an easy way to at least to focus on unavailable tracks so you can look to replace them or remove them really is essential. I have roughly 320 tracks in a forest of 50k how am I supposed to know what’s what as find them.

I agree - but Roon don’t seem interested? I’ve tagged @support in above but no reply - just a ‘great idea we’ll look into it’ would help but I’m not tidying my library ever again as I realise this has lost me perhaps dozens of Qobuz tracks that were simply re-catalogued!

I know 320 tracks is roughly 32 albums, which is a lot. You only know there are gone when you want to play them.

I’m bumping this topic again as lately I’ve been revisiting my library of Qobuz classical music and finding album after album I haven’t listened to for a while as ‘not available’, plus some that won’t play (because the material is unavailable even when it is not marked as such by Roon!) - I then have to visit ‘Versions’ (if there are versions, if not I am forced to use the diabolical search facility!) and there sure enough is the album happily residing on Qobuz.

When are Roon going to implement some kind of orphan find feature so this can be dealt with en masse - I have a sneaky feeling these albums run into dozens if not hundreds but of course the only time I notice is when I try to play them. Does this occur with Tidal I wonder - or is it solely a Qobuz issue?

I do wish @support would at least comment - not a holding comment to shut us up but an actual proper look into the matter? Sorry to seem a bit harsh, I do really enjoy using Roon, but there are dozens of issues like this that never get dealt with whilst features we never asked for are launched with great fanfare… I really would like to see the company actually respond to our requests and not just say they do when launching amazing new features nobody knew they even wanted - as fun as those features sometimes are!

I agree this is really annoying and feels like something that could be semi-automated ie. “This track is no longer available on Qobuz, do you want to replace it with one of these versions?” — either individual or en-mass.

Roon is meant to be my central music manager, but if I can’t easily manage my playlists sensible/easily (and tracks are silently falling off them) then it’s failing heavily in that regard as a one-stop solution.

But short of the above, even a nicer means to manually replace a track in a playlist would be a good start.

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Yes, it is an issue with any streaming source. As licenses get renewed, changed etc, streaming services will deprecate the out of license version and just add a new one, that may or may not be the same as the one that was deprecated.

…streaming services probably just don’t expect us to actually ‘collect’ streamed music?

Description of Issue

For some reason which I think has to do with the version of an album available on Qobuz (not being Roon the root cause of the problem but Qobuz) I find time and time again albums marked as unavailable on my library.

Every single time, if I go to the versions tab I find another version of the same album that is available. I have to remove the unavailable one and add the other. It would be very helpful to have some ‘availability manager/repair tool’.

In any case, please let me know if there is a way to filter/list all the unavailable albums in ones library.

If not please consider deveoloping the search filter or the ‘repair tool’.



This was briefly discussed on the Qobuz feedback thread.

There are two layers to this. Qobuz themselves have an issue and here are various remedies they have started to introduce that partially address the issue with their native apps. But I don’t have the impression that roon/Qobuz are actively discussing integration remedies. It was hinted that Qobuz now had a “global_id” that can cluster available and unavailable releases. That sounds like that would be the basis of a solution but no doubt there is much more to it.

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Again, bumping this thread as I just went to play my own ‘UK hits of 1972’ after noticing Qobuz had one but mostly from a US point of view (isn’t everything!) and hardly any of the tracks were available, all gone to that place in the sky tracks go when streaming services move them.

Just looked back through a Spotify playlist I haven’t played for a decade or more and well, all the tracks are there… is this a Qobuz thing or is it a Roon thing?

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Just want to bump this again. I just noticed two of my Laila Biali albums were no longer available in Qobuz. So I checked versions and they each had a version available. I added the new versions and set them as primary. No problem. But it sure would be nice if Roon could provide a focus for tracks that are unavailable. I’m not sure why Qobuz removes albums to replace them with identical new albums, but Roon could make this curation process much easier.

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Haven’t read every post, but I get the impression most people here have issues with complete albums becoming unavailable due to changes in the Qobuz catologue. Personally, my issue is mostly with specific tracks being unavailable. In every case there is not some other version on Qobuz, so it just is what it is. And that’s fine, but I just want to be able to filter my 86000+ Qobuz tracks on the status “Unavailable” so I can source the album from elsewhere.


I’ve just noticed that Roon Labs seems to have made some changes that can apparently produce a list of the Qobuz albums that are no longer available.

If the Qobuz album is no longer available, the “Channel Layout” attribute is marked as “Other”. So using Focus in the Album browser to select albums with a Channel layout of “Other” will produce the list of albums that are no longer available in Qobuz.

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And I’ve just been informed that this trick for Qobuz won’t work for much longer, so grab it while you can.

While it would be wonderful to have a list of Library albums that are no longer available in Qobuz, this is apparently not easy to implement.

Very interesting! So if they can do that maybe a small routine to locate similar albums and offer them up for replacement to your library could be on the way? I know I can go into every album and click versions and select one that is not ‘unavailable’ and thats great, but if Roon could do that for me and offer me a list of alternatives with a one click ‘replace existing missing library version’ button that would be great!

The versions list would need to be updated with other identifying tags, such as ‘label’ for instance, that would help a lot. I do notice bitrate and and sample rate are shown now… not sure they were before - so that’s an improvement. But looking at this album by Lester Young there is no way to know from the versions list which is a bone fide album released by the original label and which are the many and variable quality rips by people like Doxy, Sinetone, Reborn et al. I have to load the album, click credits and scroll right down to the bottom to see the label.

This is one of the reason I get a bit peeved when features like remote access to your library and better handling of languages get months spent on them and get released with such a fanfare, when they have no impact for me at all, yet a simple ‘label’ tag in the version list would please me no end!

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Ah well… incidentally, is the just a Qobuz thing or does Tidal have this issue?