Featuring Artists in Albums

One thing I would really appreciate in using Roon is to retrieve the information about individual musicians playing in the albums. For example, I listen to Stefano Bollani album and hear a fantastic bass solo. I want to know who played bass in that song. Then I click that bassist to find out what other songs in my library he played in. Similarly, keeping track of all soloists in choral music would add a lot of fun in the listening experience.

I know that some famous albums have reviews/descriptions to show the information, but this is far too limited to a handful of well known albums. I’m talking about detailed metadata information attached tor every album or even individual tracks.

Is this a wildest dream? I think places like Allmusic keep a large amount of such information, and wonder if Roon is planning to incorporate it.

Keep up the good work. While there are many things to be improved, this is still by far the best we have.

I think you’ll find this is already done.

Allmusic data comes from Rovi, who is Roon’s primary source. If you click on Credits for an album, you will see the information, and links, that you are looking for (assuming there is good Rovi data).

My bad! I didn’t notice the credits tab until now. Thanks. The database is not complete but it’s pretty good already. I guess it’s the job of Rovi not Roon.