Feedback: Arc "available to download'

2 pieces of feedback on Arc “find something to download” / “downloaded albums”:

  1. In available to download (which seems like a great feature), I only see a handful of albums at first. And then as I click out and back in, more albums show up, and then eventually more show up, but it takes a while for me to get all of my “local” albums visible. Totally fine if there’s some sign that things might be missing until something happens. Also, ultimately fairly minor if annoying.
  2. The other thing is that without an ability to sort / filter what’s downloaded, I can’t navigate / easily find what I’ve got once I’ve got a bunch of downloads.

Anyways, the idea is great - I think having a download button on the home screen vs. making it a tab in the library is smarter. Thank you!

See release notes:

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(Android 11, Fairphone 4)

Tried downloading via ‘find something to download’ with a few albums and tracks, and without closing and reopening the app the downloads appear to get queued but do not seem to start at all:

It seems more than presentational to me. Navigating away from the page, refreshing or a patient wait while brewing a cupper do not yield visible progress. But when Arc is closed and reopened the downloads appear to progress from zero and complete as normal:

EDIT: I now see the same behaviour with downloads triggered in the ‘normal’ way - from e.g. the albums pages or overview. Downloads gets queued but don’t start and progress until Arc is closed and reopened. Not seen this with previous builds.

Probably same issue as discussed here: