Feedback on Classical "getting started" guide

Roon community,

I have started a “Getting Started” guide for classical collections, especially the process of identifying albums. I’d like some feedback as to a) would it be helpful to new users and b) worth finishing.

Version 20170521: [Edit: removed because of low value. 20170523]


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Hi Nathan

Could I ask you to try SongKong free trial to see how many unidentified releases are matched, it would be interesting to see how it compares with Roons automatic matching. (Disclaimer I am SongKong developer) . My thoughts are that SongKong may be a good first step to apply to your collection to help with identification. Does any one know if Roon makes use of MusiBrainz Ids since SongKogn adds these ids to the files.

thanks Paul

Hello Paul,

To be clear, it isn’t that my unidentified albums are tagless—they all do have adequate tags for my use—it is that their combination is difficult for Roon to match. If I understand you correctly, you are suggesting running my collection through your tool to see if that would help Roon, eg a step that people can take to “improve” their file tags?

I don’t have an easy way to test what you are asking, and I am wary of making any actual changes to my files. This is one of the things I really like about Roon, that it never actually changes the source files.



So you mean you have some metadata for these files, but despite that Roon is unable to identify them correctly, so they are identifiable using a player like iTunes but not when using Roon.

Okay, I understand what you are saying. I think you could find it interesting to just try SongKong and let it create its preview report showing what it could identify and what metadata it would change without actually modifying anything. I would hope you would find that SongKong improves things and you can configure it to only add data not modify existing data, then having done this for real this might be a simpler way to get Roon to identify these problematic albums.

It seems so basic as not to be useful to me. All that information is presented elsewhere. And you don’t even start with the real complexity of dealing with classical music.

And you make some extremely, ahem, personal recommendations, which should not be in a “getting started” guide. They may work for you, but won’t for the majority.


(You don’t deserve to get spammed by another software company for it, though. ;))


Sorry you feel this way, I was just trying to find a solution for users.

Thanks for your feedback. I’ll remove the link and abandon the process, as I don’t want to waste people’s time.

I do think that classical collections are more difficult to introduce to Roon, partly because the Artist --> Album model has some challenges (spelling, language, variants, and so on), and partly because people have come up with navigation preferences that have influenced prior tagging decisions.

@Ludwig, would you direct me to a Roon classical guide that you believe works well? I probably don’t know about it. Thanks.