Feedback - On Trial - Requires Remote Streaming

Hi There,

I am currently trialing ROON with a tidal subscription as well.

I am loving having lossless at my fingertips.

However, there is a couple of major flaws.

  1. Importing: Roon needs an option to read the age of files on the filesystem and import them in that order, this is such a simple thing to do and would stop it from rearranging your entire music library order when trying to sort by ‘Date Added’ and would carry over from years of music collection as the file dates are in order.

  2. Roon MUST support streaming via the internet or it is completely pointless. Most people do a huge amount of their listening remotely on an IOS or Android device and want to use the same library and product as at home, not switch to Tidal or Spotify and have an antiquated annoying music setup.

PLEX does this for free, I am coming from a Plex / Spotify setup and this was great.

Essentially, Roon Core needs to

  1. Support NAT/VPN-Tap to open ports or create a standard easy VPN from clients/router to CORE and enable streaming
  2. Have a feature that enables transcoding on the fly (PLEX does this fantastically) to remote devices as compressed (mp3/aac whatever) like plex does for listening on the road so you are not trying to stream FLAC over 4g/LTE.

Without those features, the $30 + a month just isn’t worth the money when you can have the same setup with Plex + Spotify (Spot being far better than Tidal for discovering new music as well) for $10 a month.

Roon, you have to fix this and you would get people like me signing up and paying for this. But without this feature, the product is useless when mobile and we all are these days.

Thanks for your time.


A search on the forum, mobile roon, will give many such threads and the roon team responses.

Have done that and spent many hours stuffing around with VPN setups etc. and these are my conclusions and feedback.

I think Roon’s direction regarding remote streaming has been lost, it’s such a simple thing to implement the way Plex has done it, it should not be a feature requested for years on end and taking so long.

I am certain they have lost and also failed to GAIN countless new subscriptions because of this. Any young Silicon Valley Tech CEO would have had these features at launch - It’s the future.

It isn’t really though is it? I have TIDAL for mobile streaming and that’s fine for me, until Roon implement it. I may not have access to my files remotely, but a good %age of that stuff is available via TIDAL anyway.

I agree that Roon mobile would be brilliant, but it is not completely pointless without it. Far from it, I use Roon everyday right now, with no mobile functionality.

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But that’s just your viewpoint. I’m pretty sure roon are going to create a portable solution for their majority user base who wouldn’t know a VPN if it bit them. Just because you have strong views on a particular solution doesn’t make it the right one.

Why would they be losing customers when mobility isn’t mentioned in the product specifications? Also a great many people aren’t mobile users or are quite happy for a mobile product to be developed.

I’m not saying VPN is the solution I am saying a streaming option is required that’s native to roon to open new market segments and revenue for the product can improve dramatically to improve it faster. Youd also get all ur metadata, likes, playlists, smarts etc. Currently it’s built for technophobes who don’t stream and sit in a chair at home for music.

Using a 3rd party application to stream is antiquated and annoying and not a good product experience.

It is almost like you haven’t read any of the information on the Roon website describing its intended purpose.

You make a good suggestion, one which others have made several times before. Roon have stated it is on their road map. Yet your language is so judgmental and you then claim to speak for ‘most people’ which is presumptuous.

If we just go with ‘your opinion’ on the absolute need for this functionality in Roon, I’ll counter with ‘my opinion’ that there is no absolute need for it. Then it can be discussed as an idea with potential rather then be demanded as an obvious and fundamental flaw omitted just to annoy you!


Settings -> Library -> Import Settings (Edit) -> Import Date Defaults to -> File creation time


Thank You for the tip, I will check this out.

I never stream outside, but I can see that it is important for those that do. Roon made it really hard for themselves by depending on multicast. VPN’s and multicast do not go well together it seems. Nor the discovery of a Roon core from wireless remotes on iOS or Android. Same with flakey networks in many homes and also lack of support for L3 segmentation of networks. I’d prefer to keep wireless devices on a net separate from wired devices but can’t as Roon would not work this way. Even a network bridge is difficult with multicast…

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It’s hard to guarantee QOS on a local network, never mind over the interwebs. And if all you want to do is stream Tidal, well, there’s an app for that… from Tidal.

@Snook just seen Plex is dropping cloud service in November due to “technical issues”.

I use a free product called subsonic to access my own library remotely. That and tidal/spotify gives me all I really need when traveling.

You can still stream your own content from home without that. It’s only for hosting your server rather than one at home. It was never any good anyways.

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Tony, but imagine if you could have all that… in 1… It’s just so ‘disconnected’ currently.

Simon - Spot on.

Yeah but I am not dying in a hole over it. I was using subsonic way before roon was born.

IMHO I don’t see a need at all

I live in South Africa maybe that’s why, our data costs are simply too high to worry about it

Streaming from my library would have to transcode to mp3 to make it work, so why bother

I have a 128 iPad mini I carry around that gives me say 300 albums how much more do you need. Add in Onkyo hfs player and an Audioquest Dragonfly Red and it’s hifi on the hoof

Or get a 528 ( is it) iPad Pro or iPhone and get 1200 albums

Just my opinion


If Roon could sync offline, that would also help a lot / stepping stone to streaming.

Here in Aus it’s about 100 a month for unlimited 100/40mbit internet so streaming remotely is common :slight_smile:

In RSA we have land line fibre and 3g as different suppliers and costs for eg my 3g is 20 usd for 3 g

Removing to home for music would be 20 usd got say 10 Albums