Feedback: roon radio really wants to insert unrelated pop and it's quite annoying

Ok, so, for the most part my music listening can be broken down into 3 categories:

  • kpop
  • metal of various kinds
  • bluegrass/folk/country

for kpop, roon radio is pretty consistent. it’s not perfect, but it’s fine.
otoh, for bluegrass and metal roon radio frequently feels like it needs to be looked after quite a bit.

It’s a bit more consistent with metal than with bluegrass, but for both genres it seems to like to insert largely unrelated music in, largely pop. For bluegrass, this mostly takes the form of indie rock and electronic, and for metal this is pop and electronic.

For instance, today i started listening to “As Above, So Below” by “In this Moment” and let it tick over into roon radio, and it was fine for a few songs, but then it jumped to some pop song, then an electronic song, a few more pop songs (all of which i thumbs-down-ed), and then finally it went back to metal. FWIW, this isn’t entirely consistent – restarting the radio (going to “As Above, So Below” → start radio) gave good results, but this kind of behavior has been popping up enough that I figured it was worth writing some feedback.

I’ve been having similar issues with bluegrass as well.

For comparison, generating a radio from tidal based on the same starting song seems to give much more consistent results (in both the above case, and with bluegrass).

IDK if this is bad genre tags or something else (maybe it’s just choosing things from the “pop/rock” genre, which is too broad to be useful?), but as a new-ish user (~1mo), it’s been a bit of a frustrating experience (although the rest of Roon has been really nice, hence why i’ve kept it).

As a test, assuming you have added the album “Mother” to your library. Edit the album and remove the Pop/Rock genre. Save it. And then remove the Pop/Rock genre from the artist “In This Moment”. And then try starting radio with “As Above, So Below”. Is it any different?

You will notice that Pop/Rock is not on either of those for me because I removed them.

hmmm, after removing the “pop/rock” genre manually it had a stronger start but veered off into unrelated territory pretty quickly; got 4 metal songs, then like 6ish songs that were pop, singersong writer, and pop that didn’t have any genre labels that I thumbs-downed, then eventually back to metal, although after 6 thumbs-downs it seems to have finally figured things out for this instance?