Feedback/static noise every time I try to attach Nucleus One to my Yamaha CX-A5000 (with DAC) via HDMI

Not a newbie but definitely not a high flyer either… I just received the new Nucleus One. Everything with the set up went fine (I migrated my Roon Server database from a QNAP NAS to the Nucleus, added my music library which is stored on the same NAS). However, every time I plug in the HDMI cable I get a static noise and high pitched buzz from the speakers. I’ve tried two different HDMI cables so I know it is not the cable. Previously I was using Bryston BDP-Pi through a S/PDIF cable (which is not an option obviously with the Nucleus). So, currently I can only use my network devices (Bryston, BluSound) for audio output. Everything sounds fine but why can’t I send the signal directly from the Nucleus? Could it be defective?

I believe it is intended to run through a streamer and then to your amp.
You’re ahead of me though.
I can’t get it to recognize my NAS…I’m seriously considering connecting the two directly through USB.

Sounds like a ground loop. I have the same issue when connecting HDMI to my Salkstream III streamer (my Roon server). The noise went away when I plugged the Salkstream’s power cord into a cheater plug.

The Yamaha has no PE connection via its two-prong mains cable, but that ground loop could be caused by another component connection, so test unplugging everything else from it (power off the Yamaha while changing connections!).
If that fixes the problem, reconnect the other components one by one (power off the Yamaha while changing connections!) to figure out the offending one, then report back to use the hive mind to look for remedies.

Using a cheater plug defeats the PE (protective earth) connection, and thus poses a potential personal safety risk - cheater plugs are not to be used as a permanent fix.


Thanks for the suggestions. All my components are plugged into a Furman Linear Power Conditioner, one of whose available outlets has died and is no longer available. I wonder if there is a problem with the Furman? Also, not sure what a “cheater plug” is.

Click the link to Wikipedia for an explanation.

Could you specify the model or even present a link to respective info on it?

And note, particularly, the safety issue as previously pointed out:

Of course, sorry!

If there’s a grounding issue I’d usually expect a 50/60 Hz hum. „Feedback/static“ doesn’t necessarily sound like this to me.

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Static is usually a problem with HDMi sync in my experience. Sounds like it’s not locking. Did you update to latest RoonOS from Early Access as this fixed some HDMI issues with the Titan may help with this?

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That’s what threw me off initially when I had the issue. I wasn’t getting the more typical 60hz hum. It was more like what the OP described. In addition, I could hear high pitched noises through the speakers as the streamer’s HDD operated. That all disappeared when I removed the ground on the streamer via a cheater plug (or removed the HDMI connection). I believe this indicates some kind of ground loop issue?

To be clear, I’m not advocating a cheater plug as a permanent solution, but it might be useful in diagnosing.

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I apologize for my inaccurate description of the sound. Unfortunately sound files are not able to be uploaded.

There is a continuous, lower pitched, scratchy, “ratchet-like” sound and an overlapping higher pitched, almost squeak-like, non-continuous, randomly appearing sound. The higher pitched sound is very reminiscent of what you might imagine when hearing Morse Code. Sorry, I cannot get more descriptive than this!

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Yes, everything is up to date on the OS and the Nucleus itself.

You could upload it to Google Drive or iCloud if you already have a respective account, or create a Dropbox account, which is also free. Then post a link to a file you uploaded there.

The question was not so much if it’s up to date as per the regular updates. There was an HDMI-specific update for Roon OS (Build 260) but it currently requires joining the Early Access update track for Roon OS or asking Roon staff to push the update. Did you to either? (This update will be available as a regular update quite soon, I guess, but it’s not yet.)

Ahh, this I have not done. Thank you for clarifying. I will pursue it shortly. Thank you!!

It was meant to enable HDMI on the Titan and I don’t know if it helps here, but it possibly includes a bunch of general HDMI improvements, so maybe worth a try: