Feedback Thread - Roon 2.0.30 Playlist Management

Yeah that’s dumb, it should show every playlist by default, then if you click on a folder or streaming service icon then it only shows those ones

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Is there any way for this to go back to the old sidebar?
I just prefer the old one more
the new one looks bad to me

After more use of the new playlist setup, I’ll add a little to my comments above. My family members and I are having to go through many more steps than we used to do anything, basically.

I’d gotten all the different family playlists in different profiles set up in logical order by naming them carefully so they’d appear in the order each person wants. Now we’re constantly having to go through extra steps to get from the “date modified” order back to the order by name that we prefer. Using different devices and profiles, we keep getting defaulted back to “date modified” and so many more taps are now typically required to navigate around. “Date modified” is probably a great option for many users, but we need an option to always default to the ordering system we want.

My kid is frustrated. They used to just select their visual icon profile and all their playlists would be right there in the preferred order, consistently. Now they’ve got to try to read folder names and deal with different ordering options.

All the new functionality is surely great but options are needed to retain the old simplicity for those who rely on it. That includes what I said before, above, about profiles and folders, and what I’m saying here about the order in which the playlists then appear.

Thanks for listening to the feedback.


Could we get the same deal for Bookmarks? Would be great to have bookmarks in collapsable folders in the side bar. Or the option to have bm’s in the side bar? Have one entry point at the top of the app is not managable for really long lists.


Hi Mike

In Tidal it’s possible to create folders in the playlist to organize your playlists
I see the playlists in Roon not the folders structure

Will it be possible in the future to add a folders to the Roon’s Tidal /playlist and have it synced to Tidal
2 way sync



I use local tracks on my nucleus when at home (due to poor internet) and create qobuz playlists for playing on my phone while traveling. Currently that means my sidebar has both my local file playlist and the Qobuz duplicate version. Would be great to have the option to hide 1) Playlists hosted on streaming services and 2) playlists created by other users from the sidebar. That would mean the sidebar menu exclusively shows the playlists created by me for roon use :slight_smile:

Also agree with the other feedback that the “My Playlist’s” page is a bit weird in function. It stikes me that the list below should show user specific favourites from the various folders, rather than be a unique folder itself.

Thanks for the great work done so far!

I have been using “Tracks” and “Tags”, when I probably should have been using playlists. Is it possible to copy those items to playlists? Ty.

It makes no sense that my playlists are visible available under other people’s profiles, and vice versa.

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Just select all in the tag, and then add to a playlist. Although tags work pretty well too, especially since they are unique to your profile (unless you share the tag)

not only visible, you can add/remove items from someone elses’ playlist and even delete the whole playlist. Roon really needs some proper separation between profiles preferably with some proper authentication instead of just a drop down profile selector. I have to say it’s very disappointing that profile management has been suggested 6 years ago and nothing seems to have been done regarding that in all these years.


6? You are off by nearly 3 years.

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Yes, it’s way over due…


I found a thread on here from 2018 but I have not searched any further so it might have been longer. In any case, 6 years with zero progress is disastrous in my book, especially for a service that costs this much.

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I was talking about this one. :wink:

But, yes, way overdue.

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If they use Roon ARC as their client app on Roon, they can ‘see’ your library, playlists etc, but have their own Playback Queue, can add to, but not delete or change the backend library.

A suggested workaround until proper User profile management is available.
Can I have lockable playlists as well?

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Warning: ARC does have a “remove from library” option for streaming albums and “permanently delete from library” for local files.


Never seen that, then I withdraw my suggestion that Roon ARC be used as a Client app here.

I‘m mostly a single user, but cringe whenever I give visitors access to my Roon server. My feedback would be: Roon, please sort out profiles, as has been requested many times before. This playlist revamp has highlighted the need for more security and access restrictions.