Feedback Thread: Wikipedia Integration

Wikipedia content is showing up just fine on Mac remote. Pretty cool. More to read.

Took a while to update database, now all seems fine on remote, checking on ARC.

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Not there yet according to announcement:

Wikipedia articles are so great feauture. For me its MUCH better than Arc :wink: Finally I can see many many artists who were completely unknown for Roon. Finally!

It may be one of those things, but with Wikipedia as my first choice for info, I’m finding it hard to successfully tap the ‘more’ down arrow, on both iPad Pro and iPhone 13 Pro - it’s currently taking six or more taps to get it to work.
Another (resolved) thing was that initially, whichever way around I set TiVO and Wikipedia sources, Roon would always default to TiVO. A quick restart of Roon server has sorted that though.
Very pleased with the Wiki addition - thank you!


Having the same problem with taps, glad it’s not just me going mad.

Absolutely love this addition though, so cool to have lots more to read while I listen to music :slight_smile:

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Would be nice to be able to switch between preferred languages in the album review.

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Meaning toggling between languages or switching defaults?

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The editorial links are using purple inconsistently to elsewhere in Roon, which is a bit confusing. Everywhere in Roon, purple signifies a clickable link. In the editorial links, however, purple signifies the currently displayed review/bio, while white entries are switches to the other sources, which seems semantically similar to links.

I.e., how it is currently:

  • Purple: currently displayed
  • White: Link/switch
  • Not listed at all (even though WP language enabled): Does not exist in this WP language - good

For instance, artist 99 Posse, I am reading the Tivo version, hence Tivo is purple. English & Italian WP articles exist, hence white. (Spanish WP is enabled but has no article, hence not listed - good)

This already confused one person here, and I did a double take as well.

(It should not freeze, but note that there was confusion about tapping a white entry)

I would switch the colors, white for the currently displayed one (which is consistent with the majority of the text in the review as well) and purple for switches/links to other sources. To avoid too much purple, maybe a light plain font

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You can. Go to Settings > General > Editorial sources. Enable other sources. Then click the downward arrow v below the review, the links to other languages will be shown on the right (if articles exist)

Toggeling between languages. Now i have 3 languages in my settings. I’m sure that for instance Beatles’ Revolver albums have Wikis in both Danish and Norweigian too.
Edit…… I see now how it works. Thanks.

Just to say that this is a fantastic feature and in general extremely nicely implemented. Roon is getting better by the week :+1: Take that, price increase thread :smiley:

A suggestion:

Use case:
My native language is German, English good second. Then in decreasing order I can handle a bit (if I know what it is about) Spanish, Italian, barely French, and maybe some other languages. Therefore, if the only available review is in Italian, French, or some others, I’ll take those. But I don’t need to see them all the time. Currently I have to select them all in Settings (plus Tivo in any case), and for well-known artists/albums I get a very long list.

Suggested solution:
If the source selection had 2 levels, “show always” and “backup”, the list of sources to the right of the review/bio could roll up “backup” languages and show them only when no “show always” languages exist, and after a click (in case I want to check the Italian page for an Italian artist anyway, even though English and German exist)

One could also use the existing order from Settings and show the first 4 or so, while hiding lower ones automatically. This might simplify the settings UI. However, who knows, some people may be able to read 10 languages and would always want to see them all. (And I can imagine that it would be infuriating if someone had 5 good languages and the 5th always gets rolled up)


I have the following order in editorial sources so I’m expecting to see wikipedia first


But I’m not

Do you have to turn off TiVo to get Wikipedia to show automatically?

server reboot, core reboot, remote restart.


Works for me. When I move Tivo up, it is first in the list. When I move WP up, it changes accordingly in the list.

Somewhat surprisingly, I have for now switched back to Tivo first, though having WP optionally is really great.

So if I selected TiVo as the main one, went into an bio and then re-edited to Wikipeida as the main one, it now works as expected.

And had to do the same procedure for iPad remote.


When changing around things in the settings (enable, disable, reorder), Roon freezes up sometimes and I have to kill it, happened twice so far. However, I am using the Windows remote on Wine/Linux, so might be that. However, it normally never crashes.

Any details you can share about why?

Maybe it’s just what I am used to, I read them quite regularly and I am on the same few artists and albums for long times (huge editing project).

I do feel, however, that most of them have a more editorial, or maybe it’s casual, feeling to them, which seems to fit me better when in the music mood, at least by default. Not always but quite often, WP articles start quite dryly and factually - which is good for certain things, but apparently not my default preference. In the best case, they still have a bit of a Wikipedia language to them. Difficult to put a finger on it.


I’m sure it hasn’t passed you by and there is probably some issue but it would be handy to have this type of info included



For me, Wikipedia is great so far, but I strongly prefer to read the TiVo content first. The Wikipedia content is in too much depth and isn’t written as engagingly / in the voice of a writer. If it were gone, and all I had were the Wikipedia content I’d deal. But it’s less fun. And for me it’s more fun to read fun content first and go deeper if I want to. Trying to read the Wikipedia content first is a bit of a chore in some cases. But I love having it there.


This is great. I used to go to Wikipedia often before this. Now it’s right there. I think I will still stick with the TiVo content first as I like something with opinions more that just descriptions. Anyway it’s great to be able to switch so easily between them.

How about a link to the Wikipedia discography section from the discography page for each artist. One of my main reasons for going to Wikipedia is to find a full discography.