Feeling the absence

I was always under the impression it used connect when streaming to my NAD M10.

Will check again when I get home from work.

I feel your pain. As much as I would love to listen to music through loudspeakers, it can definitely be a challenge depending on where you live (and sometimes who you live with :slight_smile: ).

That is one of the decisions I am trying to make for my listening room at the moment.

Give the HE a try. I imagine that with Roon, you would greatly enjoy the experience and the flexibility. It had me thinking of purchasing new headphones to make the most of the experience!

Here you go, as promised, Tidal connect to my NAD streamer from a MacBook Pro.

I should also add that I had this option since I bought the streamer more than one year ago.

Ok thanks, cool, maybe they haven’t updated their support page