Few questions about my whole-house plan

Alright, who wants to help me configure this? Have all hardware wired up. Running room core on pc in office, fanless little pc set up next Russound amp with the gigaport hd+ between them fanning out 4 analog stereo zones. I see gigaport is recognized by Roon bridge pc as 5 independent stereo zones (1-4 and then a “asio zone”)

Couple issues:

  1. I’m seeing the zones on my Roon mobile remote but renaming them there isnt applying the zone names on the Roon desktop remote app located on the pc running Roon core, and vice versa.

  2. I’ve onoy successfully gotten audio to play out of one zone. Id like to first solve #1 above and then address zone device configuration (is fixed volume, device volume, volume from driver , etc)

I think one issue may be my Roon mobile remote always recognizing two cores( should only be one). Says one code is running v1.5 and the other running 1.6. How can I be sure I only ever see one core?

FWIW core seems to have crashed when I was tinkering with the zone renaming and trying to play different zones from mobile remote. Had to go to desktop pc and restart core.

@support. Attached a pic of windows resource monitor from machine running core. Just want to be sure everything looks good here and that there’s nothing out of the ordinary. There are a whole lot of roon appliances running, for instance.

was seeing 2 cores on my remote app (one which needed upgrade to 1.6 which I just did and which restarted my core.


Narrowed down the playback issue. Zones work as designed when I configure to fixed volume but when I have on device volume (which I need) I hear no playback although I see music is playing in my room remote. I know the device volume being adjusted to me via the mobile app is working as designed in Roon as I can see the volume moving on the bridge machine.

Attached is an image of the machine running Roon bridge that I’m remoted into. I can toggle the volume on my mobile Roon remote and see that RAATserver volume going up and down so I know I’m able to control volume on the bridge from phone.

Seems like issue is in getting my gigaport device to reference that raatserver volume for playback volume.

Roon mobile remote lost connection w core again. Core still running on office pc and was able to select new song via remote there. Could be network related. Have a few access points with the same name as main wifi network so my phone hits whatever WiFi access point is closes (all separate IPs but same network name). Walking around house my Roon remore cant seem to find my Roon core from any location. Restarting app doesn’t resolve.

Disconnecting/reconnecting from WiFi on my iPhone resolved the issue with not being able to find the core via mobile app

Volume issue resolved by switching device config to exclusive mode. We’re in business!

@support , would u mind weighing in on the screencaps of my resource monitor to confirm everything loooks good there?

Hi @ColdOnes,

I’m not seeing any issues with the screencap you posted, Roon does make use of multiple ports to operate and I have a similar listing on my end when running RoonServer.

– Noris