Few Questions on Roon

  1. iOS app to Trinnov Altitude - when pressing volume up or down it only goes down in volume. Is this a known issue in the Roon iOS app?

  2. When using “play radio” function, how can I see which songs are coming up next?
    (or even see them like in that pop-up with the thumbs up/down that happens when I’m playing music from an album that has ended and Roon is feeding related tracks)?

  3. How do I make volume levels about the same between tracks without compromising sound quality (there are up to 10dB swings at times between tracks)?
    I heard there’s some DSD? Not sure how to find or use a DSD.

I don’t know about the Trinnov Altitude. Is it labeled “Roon Ready”?

Roon Radio thumbs. I guess How do I customize my Roon Radio queue? should do it, here:

Normalize volume between tracks: You probably want the Track or Auto setting for volume leveling:

I missed that one. DSD is music format that you can play in Roon, but that’s probably not what you are asking. You probably mean DSP, Digital Signal Processing.

The volume leveling feature is indeed a simple form of DSP, but you can do much, much more with DSP in Roon: