Fewer / too few albums in Recommended Albums (For you)?


For a long time I recall having 5-10 albums in the “recommended albums for you” tray below tracks. And I used that as a primary means of discovery. It seems like it’s gotten way tighter, meaning that it’s only obvious albums, and now there are only 2-3 often, and I think perhaps that they are only taken from my library, whereas before they were fairly likely to be from beyond my library (which was the whole point).

Here’s a screen shot of the tray below Blues & The Abstract Truth, which seems really odd compared to how I recall it working.

And here’s a similar thread where someone else mentions it a year ago. But for me it seems like a much more recent phenomenon.

Is this my imagination? Do others see the same thing? Not raising a support request yet, because I want to validate that this is a real thing first.

Ok, no one seems to be noticing this, so I’m self-bumping (I want to verify behavior before I bug anyone).

Does anyone else use Recommended Albums for you?

Does everyone else see just a small number of albums?

Do people remember seeing more albums previously?

I am still seeing 10 albums. I am shown 5 and have to hit the → to view the rest.

This seems as it has been for me.

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Thanks Paul! And just to check, are all of them in your library, or are some from beyond your library (as near as you can tell)?

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none of them appear to be local. I have just qobuz for a service. plenty of local to choose from though. None are in my library either source.


For Blues & The Abstract Truth I get 2 screens of recommended:


Being relatively new to Roon, I haven’t paid as much attention to this as others have, but for curiosity sake, here’s what mine looks like for one of the last albums I’ve played:

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Mostly I get 9-10 recommendations. I do in general find it over-biased to albums in my library. I would prefer the bias was to albums not in my library. Sometimes there have been only 3 or 4 recommendations but in my case it seems to be with less mainstream material. Difficult to say what is more/less mainstream for different listeners though.

One related thing is that I cannot see a pattern in the other discovery banners. I can get all, some or none of the following:

If you like “Album X”
Similar Albums
Selected Albums “Genre X”
Popular Releases
Selected Discography

It’s not a complaint. I like being sent in different directions but it would be nice to understand the pattern. Why for some albums I get these banners and why for others I do not?

Ok, documenting that I’m not crazy. While it’s not all albums, it’s some. For instance, here’s what appears on the Florestan Trio’s Saint-Saëns Trios album (which is wonderful if anyone is a fan):

Total of 4 albums vs my expectation of 10.

And Blues & The Abstract Truth is still showing the same 3.

Not sure if this is really a @support question, but I’ll raise that perhaps it should be something that’s not working as expected. Suffice it to say that my “Recommended albums” is not working as I’d grown to expect it to, while others’ are.

I’m running on a NUC 7i5 with external USB drive, connected to my core UniFi 24 port switch, just under 4k albums in my library probably 50% local and 50% Q/T, and the same behavior is observed over remotes of all types: iPad, Fire HD10, Mac, iPhone, so I don’t think it’s a remote thing.

No, @Johnny_Ooooops, you’re definitely not crazy (or at least not in regards to the number of Recommended albums you’re seeing). :wink:

It would be nice if someone more knowledgeable than us could offer some insight into whether this is a bug of some sorts that’s affecting just you, or if it would work this way for anyone that has similar circumstances to yours, whatever those circumstances might be.

Actually, @moderators could you move this to the Support section? Thanks.

I’m not a moderator but was allowed to move it for you.


just two recommended. but not on all albums, just sometimes. I did get today one recommended for you with just one

You are trusted my friend :+1:
(With great power comes great responsibility)


Yeah, I’ve been a system admin a day or two, so I try to do what I say and document what I do.

It comes in super handy when someone else goofs up and points fingers. :slight_smile: Remember when I used a regex and trashed 81K DNS entries? Remember when I owned that? Remember how I learned how to restore from tape? My manager contemplated and found the culprit.