Fewer tracks in roon playlists than equivalent itunes playlist

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Macos 10.14.6
1.6 build 416

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Description Of Issue

Any way to debug why roon has a lower number of tracks in playlists than itunes (when I have it watching my itunes directory)?

Every roon playlist seems to have fewer tracks than the itunes equivalent.
Here is an example:

Hi @Peter_Galvin,

The best way to understand this is to take a look at specific examples of tracks that aren’t appearing in the playlist. Is there anything different about them? Are they appearing in Roon at all? Are there any special characters in the name or the file path?

Not gonna be fun trying to figure out what tracks are different…

Hi @Peter_Galvin,

We don’t necessarily have to find all of the tracks that are different, but starting with one example would definitely help us get on the right path here.

Ah maybe purchased AAC files aren’t supported by roon?

Hi @Peter_Galvin,

Are these AAC files purchased from iTunes? Are these files DRM protected?

At least the first one that is missing that I spotted is

Sorry it’s a purchased AAC not a protected. I only have a few protected AAC so that’s not the pattern…

Hi @Peter_Galvin,

Just to confirm, is this file appearing in Roon at all?

Can you share a screenshot of this album in it’s storage location via Finder or File Explorer?

Ah interesting.
itunes knows a problem track as “runnin’ down a dream”
But roon knows it as “2-11 runnin’ down a dream”
Not sure why that would cause it to not be in a playlist though…

Hi @Peter_Galvin,

Thanks, that’s some good info. Can you also share a screenshot of this album in it’s storage location and a screenshot of the album as it appears in Roon?

Hi @Peter_Galvin — Can you share a screenshot of the top of the album page in Roon? Is this album identified?

Are your import settings in Roon the defaults or have you changed some so that the file names are preferred?

Here are the screenshots.
Seems to be recognized.
Import is probably tweaked to try to solve that long standing bug I reported that imported CDs are frequently not automatically recognized.

But… I’m not sure why any of this matters.
In itunes .xml - there are a list of files and the playlists they are in.
Nothing about album recognition etc should affect that - the track has path x - just put that into a playlist…

Hi @Peter_Galvin,

Could you share the iTunes XML file with us, along with the track from this album that isn’t importing? Thanks!

It’s pretty big, want me to upload it somewhere?
The forums won’t let me load a .wav so also I’ll upload that as well to wherever you point me…

Hi @Peter_Galvin,

Ideally, you can use a shared Dropbox link. If you don’t have access to Dropbox, let me know the size of the zipped file and I’ll provide an alternate method.

Ah right.
[Link removed by support team]

Hi @Peter_Galvin — Thanks for sharing. I’ve passed this along to the team and will follow up once they’ve looked into this.

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