Fidelizer Nimitra Computer Audio Server

Today AudioStream has published a review for Nimitra Computer Audio Server, the first physical hardware product from Fidelizer. I’m very excited in this month because there’s a few reviews about Nimitra rolling out in this month.

The first ones in this month was written Mr. Steven Plaskin, Fidelizer supporter since early days. He kindly accepted my review request about Nimitra despite being so busy for months. It took a while but he eventually published Nimitra review in good timing before X’Mas.

There’s a bit of pieces about sound impressions from Nimitra here and there in his review so I recommend to read Fidelizer Nimitra Computer Audio Server review as whole article with good music. Here’s one of interesting parts he mentioned about Nimitra’s sound quality.

In my surprise, this review comes with unexpected bonus. Nimitra receives AudioStream’s Greatest Bits award. It’s the first award I received for Nimitra product. Receiving award means a lot to infamous product owner like me. It could be one of my best X’Mas present since founding Fidelizer. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nimitra was built in 32-bit architecture for preferred sonic performance with smaller footprints. After selling Nimitra for a while, there’s some applications especially in Pro Audio market that require 64-bit operating system to function such as Merging devices.

Now we’ve launched 64-bit support allowing customer customer to choose between 32-bit and 64-bit architecture before ordering. If you don’t need 64-bit support, you may choose 32-bit for developer’s preferred sonic performance.

You can order Nimitra Computer Audio Server and choose which version you prefer to use. Nimitra also receives Greatest Bits award from AudioStream recently so feel free to ask any question about the product.

I am looking for the best solution to use an Intel NUC with Windows/Roon Rock connected directly to an Accuphase DC-950 DAC that needs a PC with Windows running their own application. Since I have to use Windows, Fidelizer will make this solution proper to use with a USB cable to Accuphase?

Hi. Thank you for your interests in Fidelizer Nimitra product. I also have a client using Fidelizer Nimitra with Accuphase DAC too and yes it will run fine on its USB input with very good sound quality resembling real analogue playback with Esoteric transport quality performance.

Nimitra also have remote support so I can provide my assistance after delivery such as optimal audio configuration or software/driver installation with new DACs or programs.

If you have any question about Fidelizer Nimitra, feel free to ask and I’ll assist you with best of my abilities. :slight_smile: