Fidelizer on Windows 10 v1909 (November 2019 Update) Update Report

Hello everyone. Windows 10 v1909 update was out on another day. It still has the same kernel base 19H1 so 20H1 will not be out any time soon. Usually when they launch minor update from v1x03 to v1x09, it usually sound worse so I hope it’s not that bad.

Now that v1909 is updated, the first impression I noticed is more mid-bass being present. It may sound little smoother but significant level of micro detail and transparency are lost. Bass is also a bit excessive affecting midrange as well. If you’re a serious audiophile, you should stay with v1903.

On positive notes, this update can provide more synergy and fun factors for entry to mid level systems. v1903 was awesome and has very high potentials with optimizations on server kernel tweaks. v1909’s excessive bass was hard for me to praise though.

  1. Threshold (v1507) – By very small margin
  2. Threshold 2 (v1511) / May 2019 Update (v1903)
  3. Spring Creators Update (v1803)
  4. November 2019 Update (v1909)
  5. October 2018 Update (v1809)
  6. Creators Update (v1703)
  7. Fall Creators Update (v1709)
  8. Anniversary Edition (v1607)

This is the best update after Threshold line for sure. I highly recommend every audiophile to apply this Windows 10 whenever possible and don’t forget to re-apply Fidelizer Pro optimizations after major Windows Update to make sure Fidelizer is running with 100% optimizations. :slight_smile:

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Hi Kee,

I think this may be system dependent. To me 1903 on my system sounded a little thin and 1909 rounds it out a bit. I did not notice a loss of detail. I should say though that I am running Roon and HQPlayer together (and Process Lasso) on my Win 10 machine with Fidelizer Pro 8.5 tuning it all.



That could be. I find v1903 sounding about right with my system and optimizations so v1909 becoming a bit more excessive with transparency and micro detail lost. I also test with Google Chrome playing YouTube for generic sound quality test too. I haven’t made any change with cable or accessory since past years.