Fidelizer Pro having fantastic results in server 2019

I installed Fidelizer Pro on my pc in server 2019 and i just can’t believe the difference. Everything is clearer crisper detailed richer faster i’m so happy!!

Anyone els having the same results?

I use the free version of Fidelizer and I believe it makes a small difference on my set up. What is server 2019?

Server 2019 is a Microsoft operating system. Works just like Windows 10 but from I remember it uses less process which is always better for audio. From my experience Fidelizer Pro made a much bigger inpack on my setup then the free version. I highly recommend.

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Is that also your endpoint?

Is what my end point? Don’t understand.

Are you connecting a DAC directly to your PC, or are you using a Roon endpoint for playback and just using the PC as a server?

Pc directly hooked up to DAC. Thinking of getting a ISO Regen from uptoneaudio. Heard some good things.

I am. Installed them on both control and audio pc. Enjoy your new finding^^

It would be interesting to know if it improves when used on just a server when using an additional endpoint. I suspect it won’t have see much effect.

If you mean by having a slave pc hooked up to your main pc where core is then yes I would.