Fidelizer, Roon, and Two Computers

Currently, I’m using Roon Core on my household pc computer. I have a laptop gathering dust and thought I dedicate it for computer audio. I want to maximize my audio sonics so I’ll be implementing Fidelizer on the laptop. My portable hard drives will be connected to the laptop and the laptop will be connected to my wired ethernet which leads to a MicroRendu and on to my DAC. I want to continue to use Roon to organize my music as well as be my player. Now my questions…do I have to move the Roon core to the laptop? If not, do I add a Roon control to the laptop?

Does my laptop idea work as I explained it or is there a better way to optimize great audio using Roon, Fidelizer, and two computers?


Hi Jeff,

What you describe is moving the Core to your laptop. The simplest way to do that is described in this KB page..

You will be installing Roon to your laptop and telling Roon you want to use the laptop as Core. Then you restore from a backup to your new laptop Core. You may need to unauthorise your existing Core if asked to do so.

You can continue to use Roon as a Remote on your PC, just point it at the new Core on your laptop.

I would leave the portable drives containing your music connected to your desktop PC while you are moving the Core. Once you have restored a backup to the new Core then shift the drives to the laptop and add them as Roon Storage in the laptop Core. This KB page may assist..

Main thing is to take a backup of your Roon database before you start. That way if anything goes askew you can easily revert.

Let us know how you go !

Thank you.

@andybob Andybob,

My plans have changed. I decided to buy a SonicOrbiter I5 to run my Roon Core. The sO has Roon Core (server) already installed with the current Roon build 234. I compared your instructions for “moving the Roon Core to a laptop” to SonicOrbiter’s instructions and of course they’re at odds. Do your instructions change because I’m using the sO in lieu of the laptop?



Hi Jeff,

Go with the SonicOrbiter instructions. They know their product best and you may get better troubleshooting if you run into any issues.