Fidelizer Support Thread

(Keetakawee Punpeng) #264

We’ve reached 3,300th milestone now in this month. As a reminder to inform customers that they receive refund for returning customer purchase, I’m running purchase offer again in this week. I also sent partial refund back for customer who placed an order on 5th November 2018.

Fidelizer Plus: US $39.95 —> $34.95 (Until 11th November 2018)
Fidelizer Pro: US $69.95 —> $59.95 (Until 11th November 2018)

This offer will last until 11th November 2018. Discount rate is the same as purchasing Fidelizer software again so new customer and returning customer will get the same price. You may order again anytime and receive partial-refund as discount later after this campaign is over.

I hope this will be good chance for you to consider upgrading Fidelizer software. I also made adjustments to have fidelizer.key filled automatically when you use “Order Fidelizer” button in Fidelizer software. I hope this will make order process easier.

(Jason P) #265

Fidelizer has been working fine until today.When I start PC get message this license is not meant to operate on this PC.Then generates a key ?

(Keetakawee Punpeng) #266

If you use Windows Update, some updates may affect network configuration causing the key changed. Please try network reset feature and see if it fixes the license issue.

(Jason P) #267

Didn’t work

(Keetakawee Punpeng) #268

Did you make any change related to network configuration like turning off onboard LAN port, changing network adapter, etc? Please send fidelizer.key data it shows in program to my mail and I’ll look into it.


(Jason P) #269

Sent you keys to both of my licenses yesterday ?

(Keetakawee Punpeng) #270

I checked spam folder and inbox but couldn’t find it. Could you PM me instead including your license name/email too?


(Jason P) #271

Sent you email

(Keetakawee Punpeng) #272

Noted. We’ll continue in PM. :slight_smile: