Fidelizer Support Thread

(Keetakawee Punpeng) #122

You don’t have to. Free version is temporary and you can apply Pro right away. :slight_smile:


(peter embleton) #123

Your speedy replies are much appreciated, I am trying to use the trial version but whenever I set Fidelizer to run, my Audio device (Devialet Air Ethernet) disappears from Roon. I tried setting it as the media player that Fidelizer invites you to start when it runs but that didn’t work either. I am setting Fidelizer in audiopHile mode.

(peter embleton) #124

I think I may have found the answer in one of your previous posts, I will try your suggestion.

(Keetakawee Punpeng) #125

Current workaround is to disable startup feature of devialet air and set Fidelizer to run it after optimizations. Please let me know if this method works for you.


(Jason P) #126

Trying to download fidelizer.Have Norton security and it won’t let me download.Even if I get it to download with antivirus turned off as soon as I turn it back on it removes the fidelizer file.Have you heard of these issues.Windows 10

(Keetakawee Punpeng) #127

It’s false positive report. Try adding Fidelizer into exception/allow list before turning back on to fix it. I’ve also just fixed the case with Avast yesterday.


(Jason P) #128

Okay just paid for pro version how long before I will get email to activate ?

(Jason P) #129

Having a problem.When using Fidelizer I get a black screen with Splashtop running headless.Never had issues before ?

(Keetakawee Punpeng) #130

I’ve sent all orders today now. Please let me know if you don’t receive yours.

As for splashtop, it could be you’re using ‘Purist’ user level and theme services being stopped causing ui glitches. You can try ‘Audiophile’ user level or use ‘Media Center’ audio profile and see if problem still persists.


(Jason P) #131

Do I need to remove the free version before I install pro version ?

(Keetakawee Punpeng) #132

Free version has temporary effect so you can install Pro version right away. :slight_smile:


(Jason P) #133

You told me to set purist for for audio level,network player audiophile and Hqplayer as music application.Fidelizer is running on computer how do I make changes.And were do islet music application.See were to set audio level and audiophile were do I St music application can’t get any sound ?See its playing but no sound ?

(Jason P) #134

Wow now can’t even get Hqplayer and Roon to work.

(Jason P) #135

Anybody have a idea?Use Roon with HQPlayer on Windows 10.Everything worked great.Adding free version of Fidelizer still no problems.Bought Fidelizer Pro.Couldnt get to work no sound.Removed Fidelizer from PC.No i can’t get Roon and Hqplayer to work.Cant even get Roon to work on its own ?

(Jason P) #136

Got Roon and Hqplayer to work again did system reset ? Looking for step by step setup for Fidelizer Pro.Windows 10 computer.Using Roon with HQPlayer with tidal.Can someone explain complete setup for Fidelizer pro and settings.Pc is only for music?Had to remove Fidelizer and do system reset to get Roon and Hqplayer to work again ?

(Jason P) #137

Nothing working again.Turned system off for few hours turn back on nothing

(Jason P) #138

Spend my whole day playing around.Dont drink but I might start.Almost ready to pull out the CD player.

(Keetakawee Punpeng) #139

Sorry for late reply. I’m currently visiting Japan right now so it took a while to help you setting up. Please confirm the following check-list below:

  1. Have Roon / RoonServer running on startup
  2. Have HQPlayer setup with Fidelizer as music player application
  3. Disable UAC by following this guide here.

Please let me know if this works for you.


(Jason P) #140

Couldn’t get to work so I removed Fidelizer.Now can’t get anything to work.Spent all day with this more then frustrated

(Keetakawee Punpeng) #141

I’m sorry to hear that. Please take a rest and try again another time with my suggested playlist.

A few people in this forum are using Fidelizer with Roon/HQPlayer so please they may come and give you better advuce soon. For now, please start from Consumer user level first and let me know about digital audio setup.