Fields not Populating in Focus on Artists in 1.8 (Fixed)

I just noticed in 1.8, when I use Focus on Artists, my Genres, Countries, Performer Type and Storage Location are not populating. See below:

Anyone else seeing this behavior?

I went to Focus on Composers and all the fields were populating properly…HOWEVER…I rebooted Roon on my Nucleus+ and now most of the fields in both Artist and Composer are not populating… Focus with Albums and Tracks seem to be working properly.

Copying @support for their help on this.

Nope, not seeing that - they are populating for me. Remote on 2018 MacBook Pro, Core on 2018 Mac mini.

Turns out a restart of Roon on my iMac where I was seeing the problem fixed it. Should have tried that right away. Not sure how it got screwed up, but focus is now working properly.

I have seen this on and off. Sometimes I click around focus and it populates.