Fiio DSD Setup - Limited Below / Not Allowing Higher DSD Levels

Hi, thank you for taking this time to read this message. I just started using Roon with a very budget setup; I have been enjoying its immersive style of displaying artist content/information.

I have as my main DAC/AMP the Fiio BTR5 set up; it isn’t anything high end, and its main purpose is to use as a Bluetooth dongle. Wonderfully, it still sounds better than my Macbook Pro’s headphone output when I connect it via USB. I’ve been experimenting with DSD playback on the device, which is listed on the website as being able to play up to DSD256, but when I go through Device Setup, it’s limited to DSD128. Could I get some help with troubleshooting this? A few things I’ve tried are toggling Integer Mode, going through the DSP menu and toggling various options, and a few other things, but it seems that the input is still limited to DSD128. Thanks for any advice!

I believe Mac is limited to 128. There are a number of threads on the forum. A quick search found this one, may not be the definitive word.

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Gotcha; thanks for letting me into the loop! Looks like I’ll have to switch to something better!