Fiio M11 - MQA Signal Path

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I’m running the latest version of Roon on Windows

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Fiio M11 connect via UBS to Core Machine

Description Of Issue

When i’m using Tidal via Roon and have the Fiio M11 connect via USB DAC, i don’t get the right information from the sample rate, which means Signal Path, I have the information 352.8k, but on M11 i just have the information 44k

It wasn’t supposed to have the information 352k on Fiio?

Roon is delivering the audio signal as described in the Signal Path. It would seem that the Fiio (Android based?) is doing some internal resampling.

Is there any way to see if that is happening?


Please see …

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I have to hope that they try to solve this problem.

The source is 44,1 kHz 24 bits (MQA 352,8 kHz <-- This is the sample frequency of the master file used to generate the MQA file). Roon sends that to your FiiO – no decoding requested in Roon settings for the FiiO it seems (see the picture of your signal path). Generally it is possible that Roon decodes the Stream and preserves the MQA information for the rendering step. The stream would then be 88.2 kHz for your example. See also:

According to the information I found about the firmware of the FiiO, there is no MQA support for your current setup (FiiO used as USB DAC):