Fiio M11Plus ESS and M11S with Roon Ready is great!

Them’s fighting words! :rofl: The Focal Clear MG are one of my favorite headphones but being open back and rather large I would not use them for traveling. Once in the hotel room they would be fine.

Although I like the sound of IEMs they tend to become uncomfortable after about hour of use, therefore I much prefer noise cancelling over ear headphones for travel.

Well, you asked! :slight_smile: I’m going to stand by my opinion here - with the right tips and a balanced cable, I prefer the U12t by a wide margin (vs. the Clear MG with a balanced cable on the same source). If you haven’t already - I bet you have - go try 'em! Are you close enough to Audio 46 to pop in? We son’t have anything comparable to Audio 46 here, which is probably a good thing for me.

I know what you mean about in ears after a while. I can go quite a while with these because of how they sit in my ears (including how the cable routes). For plane travel, I still use bluetooth noise cancelling over ears. These days, that’s AirPods Max but I’ve owned numerous Bose, Sony, B&W over the years. The Bathys look great. I would have gone for them over the AirPods Max had they been available.

My comment wasn’t really about sound quality but about comfort, at least comfort for me. I know full well that there are many IEMs available which rival the sound of state of the art, full sized over ear headphones. So actually this “fight” is over before it began. Peace brother! :sunglasses: :headphones:

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Fight? I thought we were just chatting. Seriously sorry if I came across any way other than that. I have no horse in this race at all. Just enjoying chatting about music, equipment, headphones, whatever. Dang does online suck sometimes. If were were in person, I have a feeling we’d be chatting about bikes, jazz, and who knows what else :slight_smile:

Two of my all-time favorite subjects. Just brought two of my bicycles in for their annual service and overhaul. And now I’m listening to:

And my Fiio M11 Plus has been delivered. Stay tuned for updates! :wink:

By the way I didn’t think for even a second that we were doing anything but some very friendly banter. :+1:


Hope you love it!

Listening to Eric Dolphy on my M11 while thinking about getting on the Peloton. I’ll get there eventually.

Gotcha. Thanks.

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I’m pretty sure ARC requires Android 9. My HiBy R5 runs 8.1 and ARC won’t install.

It’s also pretty rare for DAPs to get Android updates. iBasso is the only one that has done that in recent history.

Hmm I thought it launched with 8 as minimum. Did they update it for DAC support?

Okay so my new Fiio M11 Plus was unboxed and I did a quick set up. A lot to learn however I’m just treating the M11 Plus like any other Android device so at least I have some understanding of what I need to do.

I managed to update the firmware, install a bunch of apps (Roon Remote, Qobuz, Tidal, Apple Music, Tidal and a few others), install a microSD card and download some music to the microSD card.

Question (the first of many :grin:):

Is there any way to tell what format and resolution is being played?

Over the next few days I will do some serious listening tests comparing the Fiio M11 Plus to my various desktop headphone amps (Oppo HA-1, Benchmark DAC3 HGC and Focal Arche) as well as some of my portable headphone amps and, of course, the Focal Bathys (in USB DAC mode).

So far so good!

Any of the now playing lock screens should give you that info. You can turn on sample rate in the display settings and that indicates at the top but not bit depth. Turn off the Roon Remote apps audio as that is not needed and you will likely choose that over the Roon Ready output and not get bit perfect.

The FiiO Roon app shows the frequency and bit depth of the track being played. In the list of tips I gave, I mention how to turn the frequency display on in the status bar. You can see both here:

@gTunes - THX very much for your ideas - Great.

Just one small Q: I only want to use it as Roon Ready device controlled by my iPhone. So when I get it - after firmware update etc. - I just need to enable ROON Ready function on the M11 Plus and than enable M11 Plus in “Audio” (see below):

Thank you :slight_smile:


PS: Sure I want to use ARC - but that would be next step.

Despite the dire prediction of Monday, my M11+ is arriving today :slight_smile:


It’s no different to any other Roon endpoint Torben it has to be activated in audio devices. As I have said a number of times. If you plan to install Roon Remote app on the M11 Plus then ensue you disable its audio output as it’s not needed and on by default or you will get two zones for the M11 Plus one from the app which is not bitperfect and one Roon Ready one which is the one you want.

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When the FiiO Roon app is running on the device, it will show up in the Roon Ready section of any Roon controller. Just enable it as a zone and you’re ready to go.

If you install the Roon Remote app on the M11, and you probably will, you’ll want to go into Settings → Audio from within that app and disable “Default Output” in the “This Phone” section (or the German or Danish equivalent :slight_smile: ).

All of this will be very obvious once you actually have the device.

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Still not used the remote app on it yet always use my phone.

I actually find that a bit surprising. I use it quite a bit - also use the transport and volume control. I find myself not actually carrying my phone around as much, interestingly.

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Keeps my screen pristine! I guess I got so used o not using it on my Hiby as it’s screen was too smallI I have carried the habit over.

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Up and running :slight_smile:

More testing when I am back home :slight_smile:



Hello, everyone,
the commissioning on my new FiiO M11 Plus Roon Remote and Roon Ready for lossless output was successful. Thank you for the instructions. I really need to disable the default device. Is there any possibility to get lossless output from Roon ARC as well? I can only get “high quality” here all the time. Thank you

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