Fiio M15 and other Android based audiophile products

Hi there
I am very interested in the FIIO M15 audio player.
I read somewhere in this forum that Android devices are limited with bit depth and sample rate. Indeed when I play a 16b 44k file directly on my Android or my iPhone, Roon resamples the file.
Since Fiio M15 is an Android based audio player, I would like to make sure that Roon uses the internal DACs of this device (or comparable devices like FIIO M11 etc) and transfer bitperfect to it. So that, when I play CD/HiRes/MQA files on the FIIO, Roon will deliver the original signal without resampling.
Thanks in advance for your precious help


the M15 is in the house and I have done some sample-test with RAAT over Wifi.

First: all DSP-settings are switched off

If you activate the „sample-conversion“, it is not possible to configure the compabilities (e.g. 96 -> 192, 44,1 -> 176,4)

Now roon (or the M15?) will do the following resampling automaticly:

So all files are resampled to 96/24 - I found no way to change this (untill now).

In the „Pure-Music“ mode, all files will be played native without any resampling.

atb, Tom

Yes this is I noticed
It is a big shame
It is not only Roon
It is how Roon manages Android and its sampling restrictions
I am very disappointed about this
I am disappointed about Fiio, Android and then Roon